Ultimate Limousine Guide

Ultimate Limousine Guide

When deciding to​ rent a​ limo first decide on what is​ the occasion you are renting a​ limo. You also want to​ have a​ plan of​ your ideal night. Next decide on what are the cities you will be renting the limo in. Next decide on how many passengers will be going in​ the limo with you. Lastly you want to​ estimate about how many hours you will need the limo.

How many passengers do you have and are they all going to​ fit? How do you know to​ decide what size of​ vehicle you want? First think what type of​ occasion is​ this. For example if​ the occasion were to​ be wedding and you as​ the bride had a​ big princess dress, would you not want anyone to​ sit on it​ or​ step on the dress in​ the limo. For something like that make sure you think about how much room each person needs. This bride may have ten people total in​ her party, but needs to​ count her dress as​ 2 passengers to​ protect it. You do not want to​ be upset on your wedding day because someone in​ the limo spilled something on you because you were all tight inside. Some occasions as​ proms kids do not mind having to​ sit on each others laps, as​ long as​ they can all fit in​ their limo. When planning a​ corporate affair, you want to​ make sure each client inside that limo is​ going to​ have space to​ sit inside that limousine. You do not want your night spoiled because you should have rented one size bigger of​ a​ limousine.

You might be thinking to​ yourself what all these things are inside this limousine. Some limousines such as​ the basic Lincoln Town Car can just be a​ typical car. You might want to​ spice up the small town car and rent a​ Mercedes-Benz instead or​ a​ non-stretch Hummer. These are all your typical cars on the inside and outside for a​ simple look. Then you have your Lincoln stretch that have the all black interior and come supplied with a​ full stocked wet bar. There is​ also the big SUV vehicles when you really want to​ do it​ BIG. These types of​ SUV come stocked with a​ complimentary wet bar, plasma TV screens, CD/DVD player; surround sound system, twinkle lights on the ceilings, and lasers. You might want to​ take advantage of​ the Hummer stretch and its zebra print interior, play station two connectors, and fog machine. All cars should come with professional drivers and should arrive on time.

Make sure you get what you are paying for. if​ you book your limo too cheap, you run a​ big risk of​ the limo not showing up. They may tell you their limousine got into an​ accident or​ got stuck in​ Vegas. They may not even call you at​ all and say you must have booked with someone else and they did not charge you. You want the limousine company’s prices to​ be very fair and comparable for the types of​ vehicles and customer service they offer. as​ a​ customer you should not have to​ pay any hidden fees, surcharges, or​ taxes. You want to​ book a​ limousine with a​ flat rate and tip based on your satisfaction. When you dine at​ a​ restaurant you tip the waiter at​ the end of​ the night based on the service. it​ should be the same for limousines. When gratuity is​ added in​ the price you risk the driver not providing great service because they are guaranteed a​ tip.

Many Limousine Rental Companies are booked a​ year in​ advance so it​ is​ best to​ book your limousine well in​ advance if​ you want to​ get a​ better limousine and a​ better deal. if​ you are planning to​ rent a​ limousine for your special event during Prom season or​ high demand wedding season, don't wait. Book it​ as​ soon as​ you are certain that you want or​ need a​ limousine because it​ can book up quickly.

Most limousines rent anywhere from $50 - $200 per hour. in​ addition, most limousine services require a​ minimum hourly booking. Unfortunately, you cannot rent a​ limousine for 1 hour because of​ vehicle prep costs, travel times, and chauffeur salaries. a​ one-hour limo rental is​ not feasible for most limo services.

You still have to​ pay for the rental time during your event even if​ you are not physically using the vehicle. Although the vehicle is​ not in​ use, it​ cannot be used elsewhere. Most companies also require a​ minimum 4 hour or​ more minimum to​ rent a​ limousine. During prom season, expect this minimum to​ increase; as​ much as​ 8 hours minimum. High demand vehicles such as​ Stretch Hummers will often rent at​ full price with an​ 8 hour minimum.

Ultimate Limousine Guide

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