Ucla Basketball Tickets Is A Sleeping Giant Awakening

Ucla Basketball Tickets Is A Sleeping Giant Awakening

UCLA basketball tickets have long been special for many, many reasons. When you think of​ sports dynasties, you think of​ Lombardi’s Packers, Auerbach’s Celtics, the Yankees of​ several eras and the Montreal Canadiens. Wooden’s Bruins can stand up to​ every one of​ them and then some. Listing all of​ the legendary players of​ UCLA lore would be too numerous for this forum, but rest assured that an​ entire wing of​ the Hall of​ Fame could be filled with UCLA alumni.

However, in​ recent decades, the Bruins, compared to​ the almost unattainable standard history had set, was not achieving at​ their historic levels. They did break through for an​ NCAA title in​ 1995, but other than that, Westwood’s trophy case has not had any recent additions in​ recent times.

That could all be changing right before our eyes, as​ the 2018 Bruins are beginning to​ look like the great Bruin teams of​ old. They advanced all the way to​ the NCAA Final last year before losing a​ tough game to​ Florida, and so far this season, it​ looks as​ though they haven’t missed a​ beat. There are reasons for this resurgence, and we’ll examine a​ couple of​ them below.

Ben Howland

When Howland took over at​ UCLA in​ 2018, the Bruins had officially fallen on hard times. They had become one of​ those teams that always seemed to​ recruit well, but they were at​ best a​ hit-or-miss bubble team for the NCAA Tournament. UCLA basketball tickets were actually quite easy to​ find for most games, and the Bruin faithful were down in​ the dumps.

Howland came aboard and instilled several things that the program had been missing. The first element was discipline. Howland’s teams never give a​ game away, and that was a​ hallmark of​ his teams at​ Pittsburgh before he came to​ Westwood. He also put together a​ roster that actually played hard-nosed defense, which was not something UCLA had been known for in​ recent years. There were even whispers that UCLA was “soft,” and that was unacceptable for everyone involved with the program.

The Right Kind of​ Talent

Under Howland, the program stopped simply chasing all the five-star recruits it​ could gather and began to​ build a​ team that together would become a​ unit that covered all the moving parts a​ successful squad needs. They added scoring and athleticism, of​ course, but they also added defense, rebounding, guards that could dribble and distribute, and several role players who take care of​ all the “little” things that win games in​ the end but may not show up on the stat sheet.

What it​ All Means

What this all means is​ that with the talent, consistency and stability that once again exists at​ UCLA, the team will be able to​ sell its own tradition and history to​ recruits, and it’s beginning to​ look like every year should be one when UCLA should contend for the Final Four. The fans in​ Westwood wouldn’t expect anything less, and UCLA basketball tickets are once again nearly impossible to​ find.

Ucla Basketball Tickets Is A Sleeping Giant Awakening

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