Types Of Web Site Hosting

Types Of Web Site Hosting

First of​ all we must determine the​ meaning of​ the​ word “hosting”. So, what is​ hosting?
Hosting origins from the​ word “host” which has different meanings that are familiar to​ you. Hosting means providing place for​ your website on the​ web hosting company’s servers and​ makes it​ viewable in​ the​ Internet
and floating it.

Why can you once need hosting?

Imagine that you have created a​ website and​ now you are wondering how
your friends and​ acquaintances can see it. You place it​ in​ your personal computer, but then you come to​ know that it’s dangerous for​ your computer’s safety and​ needs permanent Internet connection. So it​ causes a​ lot of​ inconveniences for​ you. to​ avoid them there is​ web site hosting.

There are different kinds of​ web site hosting. Let’s have a​ good look at​ them:
1.Shared or​ virtual hosting
2.Dedicated hosting/ server, Co-location
3.VDS/VPS –Virtual Dedicated Server/Virtual Private Server

Before choosing some type of​ web hosting it’s necessary to​ consider the​ way you are going to​ use it.

Free Shared hosting

If you want to​ host some non-profit-making or​ your personal web site it’d be more profitable to​ use basic shared hosting for​ no fee. This type of​ web site hosting is​ a​ rather logical choice if​ you are a​ junior in​ web site building or​ if​ you want to​ try some new idea and​ don’t want to​ pay. But of​ course you don’t have to​ suppose it​ to​ grant your site the​ best conditions, such as​ proper bandwidth and​ disk space. Some other features can also be limited, I mean MySQL, PHP support. it​ often also provides poor web statistics.

Paid Shared hosting

Almost all small businesses, intermediate and​ large professional sites use shared hosting, ‘cause they don’t need the​ whole server’s space and​ besides the​ whole server costs much. With shared/virtual hosting such necessary features, as​ multiply e-mail, MySQl, PHP, are supported. the​ main disadvantage is​ decrease of​ your site’s security.

Dedicated hosting /Server

This type of​ hosting is​ the​ best choice for​ those, who need much storage and​ bandwidth, and​ are good in​ server administration. You’ll be able to​ use all necessary software, but if​ you don’t have enough knowledge to​ administrate your server it​ will be a​ little bit difficult for​ you.


It’s a​ sub type of​ dedicated hosting and​ can be compared with your own house which was built specially for​ you, with your favorite furniture and​ all. It’s built on your hoster’s (ISP) ground. This service is​ implied to​ fulfill only your tasks and​ is​ designed for​ your needs alone. and​ it’s cost is​ correspondingly high.


Virtual private server is​ a​ type of​ web site hosting that is​ based on dividing a​ physical server into several virtual ones. it​ costs less though gives same possibilities as​ Dedicated server. Now, when we’ve examined different types of​ hosting services, you can decide which type of​ hosting is​ the​ most suitable for​ you.
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