Types Of Web Site Features

Types Of Web Site Features

As web platforms and​ software grow at​ exponential rates, site owners are faced with a​ plethora of​ potential features. So, what is​ out there?

Web site features are limited only by imagination. Here is​ a​ brief categorization of​ some of​ the​ major fields of​ web site features, including stores, auctions, forums, articles, directories, news, and​ entertainment.


Online stores can be used to​ sell products on web sites and​ also easily interact as​ a​ point of​ sale service.


Catalog type ecommerce sites provide listings of​ categorized products that can be purchased for​ a​ fixed amount. Usually a​ shopping cart is​ employed which allows visitors to​ select multiple items for​ purchase.


Auctions like EBay allow visitors to​ bid on items, whereas the​ highest bidder wins. These auctions have a​ time limit and​ also sometimes have a​ buy now button. a​ buy now button is​ a​ button that allows a​ bidder to​ end the​ auction and​ guarantee purchase by paying a​ set fixed price.


Forums are message boards that allow your visitors to​ post messages on your web site and​ interact with other visitors. an​ advantage of​ forums is​ that can they can bring visitors back to​ your site time and​ time again to​ post and​ follow conversations. if​ done correctly, forums can also provide large amounts of​ content for​ search engines to​ spider. the​ down side of​ forums is​ that they can make your site look bad if​ no one is​ using them, and​ it​ can be tricky to​ get people to​ use them. Also, it​ is​ wise to​ have forums moderated so that people play nice and​ don't trash talk your own site.


Articles are a​ concise way to​ convey information and​ provide a​ reason for​ web surfers to​ come to​ your site. in​ addition to​ providing a​ valuable resource to​ your web visitors, articles also provide content for​ search engine bots to​ spider. Adding articles to​ a​ site is​ essential in​ many SEO strategies.


Directories categorize other web sites, businesses or​ just about anything. Some directories are huge, like Yahoo!, while others may be very small and​ specific only to​ a​ small target audience. Smaller directories can often be quite useful to​ web visitors, particularly if​ the​ directory includes editor reviews, ratings and/or recommendations.


News sites generally have articles on current events. They are generally updated often and​ have search functions by which archives can be retrieved. an​ advantage of​ a​ news site is​ that often audiences return daily. a​ disadvantage is​ the​ need to​ constantly update the​ site.


Video - Video can be delivered over the​ Internet in​ a​ variety of​ ways. Some of​ the​ most popular methods are Flash, Windows Media Player, and​ Quick Time, though there are many others. Short clips are generally broadcast over the​ Internet due to​ bandwidth restrictions, yet as​ broadband penetration continues to​ increase more and​ more sites are broadcasting full-length shows and​ movies.

Music - Like video, music can be broadcast in​ a​ variety of​ forms. Many band sites are now allowing downloads of​ their songs in​ MP3 format or​ samples. This can be a​ huge promotional tool.

Games - the​ Internet has provided gamers a​ huge variety of​ options. Games can cost any where from free, to​ pay as​ you go, to​ a​ one time payment to​ subscription fees. Game sites often have loyal followings that come back time and​ time again, making the​ audience prime for​ advertising.

E-Print - Stories, blogs and​ articles are all ways people use web sites to​ share their ideas with written word. Many sites provide downloads of​ printable posters, petitions or​ coupons, blurring the​ line between print and​ Internet.

Many sites will utilize many of​ these different web site features to​ create powerful and​ complete media experiences. Many businesses have yet to​ fully explore the​ possibilities of​ their web sites and​ the​ Internet. as​ television, print and​ radio collide, the​ Internet's role in​ business, information and​ entertainment will only increase. By using different types of​ web site features, many web sites will gain huge advantages over their competition.

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