Types Of Web Hosting

Types of​ Web Hosting
There are several types of​ web hosting available for​ websites on the​ internet .​
Depending on what type of​ business or​ website that you have will determine the​ type of​ web hosting that you will need .​
Web hosting choices come as​ follows:
Free Server
There are many different websites that offer free web pages or​ sites for​ individuals .​
They generally offer a​ page or​ two with an​ ability to​ post photographs .​
Some are free or​ close to​ free .​
They are also very user friendly .​
You do not have to​ be a​ computer genius to​ use one of​ these servers .​

Think about a​ website like MySpace .​
You can get a​ website there that is​ totally free .​
You can add photographs, blogs, messages, videos and​ even music .​
the​ stipulation is​ that this is​ for​ social purposes only, or​ is​ supposed to​ be .​
This is​ a​ good example of​ a​ free website.
In the​ meantime, MySpace uses your webpage to​ post their own ads .​
You are limited to​ space and​ what type of​ content you can post .​
the​ website does not belong to​ your, but MySpace.
Now suppose you want to​ sell products online .​
You can use a​ cheap shared server that offers you an​ opportunity to​ set up your website for​ free .​
They may even provide templates .​
You will have to​ get a​ domain name, such as​ myfavoritecurtains.com You will register the​ domain name and​ then be able to​ upload your website on the​ shared server .​

In the​ case of​ a​ free shared server, you will be sharing your website with other websites .​
You will be limited to​ space as​ well as​ bandwidth .​
You cannot have thousands of​ people visit your site in​ an​ hour as​ it​ will take up too much bandwidth .​
This can be ideal for​ small business that sells very little products online .​
In the​ meantime, your website will probably have a​ number of​ ads that are placed on there by the​ provider to​ earn the​ revenue needed to​ maintain your site.
Shared Server
A shared server is​ just like a​ free server only you have to​ pay a​ little bit each month to​ maintain your website .​
You have a​ bit more freedom when it​ comes to​ ads and​ can even generate revenue by signing up for​ Google Ads to​ be put on your site .​
You will still have to​ come up with a​ domain name .​

Dedicated Server
A dedicated server hosts only your website and​ no others .​
You have all the​ space you need to​ make your website as​ large as​ you want .​
You have enough bandwidth to​ accommodate all the​ traffic you can get .​
You have total control over the​ ads that you place on your website .​
You can even have several little affiliate websites to​ make up for​ the​ difference in​ price.
A dedicated server is​ the​ ultimate in​ web hosting .​
You are actually hosting your own website .​
You have space, bandwidth and​ freedom to​ what you want .​
a​ dedicated server, while costing more money to​ use, may actually end up saving you money, or​ adding to​ your revenue, if​ used correctly.

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