Types Of Web Hosting Explained

For would be website owners and​ authors, uploading your files to​ the​ server maybe as​ simple as​ it​ sounds but it​ goes beyond that. the​ time spent in​ uploading files is​ the​ tip of​ the​ ice berg. Choosing an​ efficient web hosting company can make or​ break your website. the​ web hosting company is​ the​ backbone of​ the​ data that you are asking them to​ keep. This data needs to​ be available all the​ time at​ break neck speed connections. Mistakenly chose a​ web host that is​ not capable of​ doing the​ job and​ the​ site is​ bound for​ the​ graves. Even if​ it​ has the​ best content and​ graphics if​ the​ web host cannot deliver the​ demands of​ the​ site, it​ will all be at​ lost.

Different Types of​ Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

By the​ word shared this means there is​ a​ sharing of​ website on a​ single server. This type of​ package is​ most common amongst less demanding websites that are more on text and​ little on graphics. This web hosting package shares the​ hardware and​ the​ connections to​ the​ other websites being hosted on the​ server. This website can range from a​ couple of​ hundreds to​ the​ tens of​ thousands that will be sharing for​ the​ hardware. the​ website that is​ being hosted at​ this type of​ web hosting is​ bounded by a​ quota of​ hard disk space and​ bandwidth. Since there are many websites that are hosted in​ the​ server, a​ client should expect that the​ website could lag due to​ the​ server's slower response time.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

This type of​ web hosting is​ just like the​ shared hosting package that shares the​ hardware resources of​ the​ web server but this provides the​ clients more control of​ the​ website. the​ data are still stored on the​ same computer but with lesser hosted websites since the​ hard disk of​ the​ host server is​ partitioned to​ each website. This process in​ turn can dedicate an​ individual Internet Protocol or​ IP address to​ each partition.

Reseller Web Hosting

Commonly a​ reseller web hosting package is​ similar to​ shared web hosting. They are just called reseller since this goes through a​ third party booking and​ not the​ web host company itself. There are web hosting companies that offer discounts to​ resellers who are typically website designers and​ authors that include web hosting as​ part of​ their services.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This type of​ web hosting is​ the​ most expensive type of​ web hosting package. Since dedicated hosting handles only one website per server, the​ website owner absorbs all the​ cost in​ maintaining the​ website such as​ power, hardware, line connection and​ technical personnel - unlike in​ Shared and​ Virtual Private Server Hosting wherein the​ cost can spread out to​ the​ websites that are leasing the​ server. This package is​ advisable for​ demanding website parameters such as​ e-commerce and​ customer relations management sites that are data intensive and​ a​ slow connection would mean loss sales.

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