Types Of Home Security Cameras

Types Of Home Security Cameras

Types of​ Home Security Cameras
Home security cameras are available in​ a​ wide array of​ styles and​ features .​
Home and​ business owners can choose the​ camera that best fits need and​ budget .​
Wired and​ wireless versions make choosing the​ perfect fit even easier.
Home Security cameras are available in​ wired, wireless, daytime and​ night-vision types .​
Here are a​ few of​ the​ most often used types.
Fake Home Security Cameras
Fake cameras are available .​
These cameras look like real security cameras but aren't cameras at​ all .​
Fake warning stickers are also available .​
These items give the​ illusion that the​ property is​ protected and​ someone is​ watching .​
Intelligent Video Surveillance Home Security Cameras
Intelligent video surveillance cameras involve the​ use of​ equipment set to​ actively monitor areas and/or activities .​
Daycares and​ hospitals use this type of​ surveillance to​ monitor areas where there should not be anyone present .​
This type of​ camera can also let the​ viewer know when something changes in​ the​ monitored area, i.e., a​ package is​ left behind.
Future intelligent cameras will have the​ ability to​ recognize features and​ therefore let the​ viewer know if​ someone other than an​ authorized person is​ present.
Wide-angle Home Security Cameras
Cameras featuring a​ wide-angle lens, usually dome shaped, produce images free of​ distortion and​ cover larger areas at​ a​ time .​
Some cameras can cover a​ field as​ large as​ 151 degrees.
Wired Home Security Cameras
Wired home security cameras send images to​ a​ recorder for​ viewing on computer or​ television .​
Images are sent through the​ wire to​ a​ recorder.
Wireless Home Security Cameras
Wireless home security cameras utilize wireless technology to​ send images .​
Cordless phones, wireless internet connections and​ other wireless objects can interfere with the​ wireless camera signal .​
Improved encryption of​ wireless technology makes preserving the​ integrity of​ a​ wireless connection easier.
Considering Home Security Cameras
When considering home security cameras, be sure to​ address the​ purpose of​ the​ camera, the​ location of​ the​ camera, and​ whether wireless or​ wired is​ more suitable.
Most home owners using home security cameras are using them for​ security purposes .​
They're watching the​ nanny or​ the​ babysitter to​ make sure children and​ pets are cared for​ properly .​
Other uses include monitoring the​ behavior of​ other family members, such as​ teenagers or​ a​ spouse.
Location is​ a​ factor in​ camera choice .​
Will cameras need to​ be hidden? How hard will it​ be to​ get power to​ the​ camera? Will it​ be difficult to​ hide the​ wire running to​ the​ recorder? Will a​ camera that blends with surroundings be required? Where will the​ camera be used? Indoors or​ out, lighting is​ a​ factor .​
Hidden Home Security Cameras
Hidden home security cameras come in​ a​ wide variety of​ sizes and​ shapes .​
Tiny cameras can be purchased for​ hiding or​ objects can be purchased with cameras built in .​
Some available hidden camera items include various clock designs, DVD player designs, VCR designs, sunglasses, pens, smoke detectors, plants, air fresheners and​ sprinkler heads .​
Night Vision Home Security Cameras
Night vision home security cameras with infrared are also good for​ low-light areas .​
The infrared allows the​ camera to​ see and​ record images it​ wouldn't otherwise pick up .​
Home security cameras are an​ affordable and​ powerful tool for​ home and​ business owners .​
The variety of​ types available make it​ possible to​ fit the​ right camera to​ the​ need.

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