Types In Logo Design

Text-Based Logo Design
The mainly extensively used of​ all logo types; the Text-Based design focuses on text and style but can include other elements as​ well. a​ Text-Based design may be best suited for corporations whose name successfully portray what they do (TCS Couriers, Home Freight) devoid of​ graphical essentials to​ communicate that message, a​ literal explanation of​ the words is​ often necessary. (For example, all of​ us know it​ very well that Wal-Mart is​ a​ very big mart because its logo design actually explains it​ all.)

A Text-Based design is​ often text only with exclusive typographic behavior (e.g. Microsoft, Yahoo). Most frequently however, the business name is​ included mutually with easy graphic elements to​ create a​ clean, simple individuality. The depiction of​ the word in​ essence turns out to​ be a​ representation of​ the business.

Prefer a​ Text-Based design when:
• Communication funds are inadequate and should be paying attention on name recognition.
• Your name is​ logically distinguishing but not (yet) a​ household word.
• You want to​ correlate products or​ subsidiaries with the parent more clearly and directly than a​ symbol permits.

Letter-mark Based Logo Design
Comparable to​ a​ Text-Based design, a​ Letter-mark Based design is​ entirely typographic mark, typically concerning initials or​ abbreviations. Monograms and anagrams are Letter-mark Based design. The illustration of​ the letters fundamentally becomes a​ symbol of​ the business.

Prefer a​ Letter-mark Based design when:

• Your initials interpret graphically better than your genuine name.
• You need to​ link subsidiaries to​ the parent and can't easily use the name.
• You can afford to​ teach the public what the Letter-mark means.

Brand-mark Based Symbol
An easy but strong graphic figure, often abstract, that harmonizes a​ facet of​ a​ business or​ service and symbolize a​ company by relationship. (Think of​ NIKE or​ Apple Computer.)

Prefer a​ Brand-mark Based design when:
• You need an​ emblem on a​ product.
• Your name is​ too long, too common, doesn't interpret well globally, or​ has no qualities.
• You need to​ link auxiliary to​ the parent and can't easily use the name.
• You can afford to​ teach the public what the symbol means.

Icon-Based Logotype
Icon-based logotypes are also referred to​ as​ combination marks. an​ Icon-based logotype generally combines a​ brand-mark Based symbol with a​ word-mark Based. The combination can be loose or​ integral. With a​ loose combination, the elements can be used together or​ separately. a​ good icon based company logo design can effectively communicate what a​ company does as​ well as​ reflect the company personality.

Prefer an​ Icon- Based design when:
• You are a​ startup enterprise or​ small business with limited funds.
• Your name is​ reasonably distinctive but not (yet) a​ household word.
• You need an​ emblem on a​ product, but want more than just a​ symbol.

Since Icon-based Logotypes communicate more readily than other logo design types, less marketing is​ required for the logo to​ be effective. Therefore, icon-based logotypes are the most cost effective type of​ logo design available and are ideal for startups or​ small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

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