Tying The Knot During Vacation

Tying The Knot During Vacation

Being in​ love and on​ vacation can be over stimulating even to​ those who are most sensible. When your body and mind gets a​ chance to​ relax,​ you might feel the​ urge to​ do something crazy,​ like getting married. Whether you’ve known your partner for a​ few weeks or​ a​ few years,​ when you get married during vacation,​ you’re still married when you return home and all the​ fun is​ over.

Getting married in​ another state or​ in​ another country,​ remains valid no matter where your home is. But like any betrothed couple,​ you need to​ know what you’re getting into. if​ you’re on​ vacation with your partner and decide to​ tie the​ knot,​ be sure it’s something you both really want to​ do. if​ you meet someone while on​ vacation and decide to​ marry before really getting a​ chance to​ know each other,​ this can be a​ problem. Before any partnership becomes legal and binding with a​ marriage license,​ check out these ten tips to​ ensure you are not making a​ mistake.

1. Respect. This comes first and foremost in​ any relationship. Does your potential spouse respect you? Partners,​ who bad mouth each other to​ their friends or​ acquaintances,​ have no respect for each other. Partners need to​ be appreciated and respected.

2. Pay attention. Do you pay attention to​ each other? When one partner allows the​ mind to​ wander while one is​ speaking,​ or​ is​ constantly interrupting,​ this is​ not listening. You have to​ listen to​ one another as​ a​ part of​ communication.

3. Being right. No one loves a​ know-it-all. Someone who has to​ be right all the​ time or​ have the​ last word is​ not an​ easy person to​ live with. Everyone makes mistakes once in​ a​ while and people should admit when they don’t know all the​ answers. There’s nothing wrong with it,​ it’s only human.

4. Following through. When you say you’re going to​ do something,​ then do it. Actions speak louder than words and no one wants to​ be around somebody who is​ all talk. if​ you talk the​ talk,​ then walk the​ walk,​ or​ step out of​ the​ way. When you follow through on​ what you say you’re going to​ do,​ then your partner would be able to​ trust you and believe in​ you more.

5. Sexual intimacy. Losing interest in​ sex can kill a​ marriage quickly. if​ you’re not interested in​ sex before marriage,​ you won’t be interested in​ sex after getting married. When spouses are denied sex from their partners,​ they become most likely to​ roam and quench their thirst somewhere else.

6. Teasing. Teasing is​ okay in​ moderation or​ during play,​ but when the​ teasing becomes consistent and hurtful,​ it’s time to​ stop. if​ your partner teases you by saying hurtful things to​ you and then tells you that you don’t have a​ sense of​ humor or​ tells you that you’re too sensitive,​ that’s a​ red light. When something hurts,​ it​ hurts. When you tell your partner to​ stop,​ they should stop,​ if​ not,​ it’s time to​ reconsider your relationship.

7. Lying. No healthy relationship should harbor lies and deceit. Any dishonesty can create a​ lack of​ trust in​ your relationship and all relationships should be built on​ trust. if​ your partner truly loves you,​ they would not lie to​ you or​ keep any secrets from you.

8. Hygiene. When couples come together in​ very intimate moments and share themselves with each other,​ they make themselves wanted by having good hygiene. Taking baths or​ showers on​ a​ regular basis,​ washing and maintaining healthy hair and shaving and cleaning all of​ the​ important parts of​ the​ body is​ good hygiene. Brushing your teeth on​ a​ regular basis and using mouthwash welcomes intimate kisses and closeness. Partners,​ who hardly bathe,​ don’t brush their teeth or​ pick there nose as​ a​ past time,​ should be reconsidered. What can seem cute or​ bearable now won’t be a​ few years from now after the​ two of​ you marry and have a​ few kids together. Never try to​ change a​ person to​ suit your needs; it​ won’t happen,​ no matter how much you want it​ to.

10. Anger. Having outbursts of​ anger or​ temper a​ tantrum is​ not something you want to​ live with. Everyone gets angry,​ but if​ your partner is​ the​ type of​ person who is​ easily set off and gets destructive,​ they can also become violent.

Tying The Knot During Vacation

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