Two Keys To Surviving A Breakup Resources And Support

Two Keys To Surviving A Breakup Resources And Support

Relationships are easy to​ enter, hard to​ maintain, and​ painful to​ leave. the​ first blush of​ interest and​ attraction fuels the​ passion that ultimately leads to​ commitment. in​ the​ midst of​ a​ relationship, all sorts of​ things can go wrong, from the​ failure to​ communicate or​ taking the​ other person for​ granted, to​ infidelity or​ abuse. the​ breakup is​ heart wrenching for​ both people, regardless of​ who initiated the​ break up and​ even when there is​ good reason to​ split. That's why, whether you're on the​ verge of​ breaking up, in​ the​ throes of​ separation, or​ recovering from heartbreak, it's important to​ spend the​ time necessary to​ heal. the​ best thing you can do to​ help this process along involves finding the​ right support and​ resources.

Books are Wonderful Resources

Whether your goal is​ to​ mend a​ broken heart, win an​ ex back and​ get back together, or​ to​ simply move on with your life, you can be sure that others have traveled the​ same path. Because a​ breakup can make you feel lost, it's extremely helpful to​ rely on the​ advice and​ experiences of​ others to​ put you on the​ path to​ healing.

For example, if​ your boyfriend (or girlfriend) left you - and​ played the​ blame game in​ the​ process - it's natural to​ feel unlovable and​ at​ fault. Yet, if​ you look at​ the​ situation from the​ perspective that he or​ she left because of​ his or​ her own dysfunctional psychological issues, you can more clearly see that it's really not about you, and​ you can more freely move on with your life.

On the​ other hand, perhaps you contributed to​ the​ break up of​ the​ relationship. Perhaps you didn't express your appreciation and​ gratitude often enough, or​ maybe you didn't give your relationship the​ priority it​ deserved. it​ could be that, instead of​ tending to​ your relationship garden, both of​ you were busy doing other things while the​ weeds took over. if​ your heart tells you that your relationship is​ worth fighting for​ (not fighting over!), a​ book can help you navigate the​ waters of​ getting back together.

Support is​ Essential

Few breakups happen overnight, so getting the​ support you need throughout the​ process is​ essential. When it​ comes to​ breaking up, help yourself by expressing your feelings and​ reaching out to​ others. Writing about your feelings, asking others to​ listen to​ you vent, seeking out advice, and​ reading about the​ experiences of​ others are all tools that can help you mourn your loss, regain your sense of​ self, and​ move on with your life.

Online Support and​ Resources

A breakup is​ one of​ life's most momentous events, but the​ people who are closest to​ you are often not very objective. After all, they may have their own agendas in​ pushing you toward one course of​ action or​ away from another, or​ perhaps they care too much to​ cause you any further pain.

When you go online, though, you can find sites that provide both a​ wealth of​ downloadable books and​ support-oriented discussion boards. Instant access to​ books can be a​ lifesaver, and​ discussing your situation and​ reading about those of​ others can give you the​ one-day-at-a-time approach that will see you though every stage of​ the​ breakup process. the​ best sites even have breakup blogs, where you can journal your thoughts and​ feelings, and​ can read others' stories.

A breakup is​ extremely difficult, but you don't have to​ go it​ alone. Whether your goal is​ to​ mend a​ broken heart or​ get back together, find the​ online support and​ resources you need.

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