Tv Evangelist Pat Robertson And Muhammad Do They Think Alike

Tv Evangelist Pat Robertson And Muhammad Do They Think Alike

One group of​ people is​ sailing up a​ roller coaster ride of​ emotional rises, falls twists and​ turns driven by daily news flashes and​ bits of​ the​ latest gab from around the​ globe. the​ other group spends the​ time to​ get the​ history or​ the​ background of​ a​ matter and​ through some open minded consideration and​ comparison, often arrive at​ a​ more balanced and​ honest view of​ any particular issue.

The most cursory examination of​ Pat Robertson’s remarks about the​ inspiration of​ the​ Islamic religion would lead to​ the​ fact that Mr. Robertson was far from the​ first person to​ entertain this possibility. Far more shocking is​ the​ fact that the​ first person in​ history to​ think that the​ visions of​ Muhammad were satanically inspired was the​ Prophet Muhammad himself.

Muhammad, born in​ Mecca in​ 570 lived through a​ turbulent childhood being passed back and​ forth from his mother to​ his nurse Halima. On one of​ the​ occasions when Halima returned Muhammad to​ his mother, she voiced her fears about fits and​ other behavior that made her think that he may have been demon possessed. She finally returned the​ care of​ Muhammad to​ his mother when he reached the​ age of​ five. But the​ thoughts she and​ others had about his possible connection to​ evil spirits did not end there.

Muhammad was disturbed by the​ moral decadence around the​ hub of​ Mecca and​ began pondering what might bring the​ Muslims to​ recognition of​ a​ greater power and​ a​ return to​ a​ more moral life. That compunction drove him to​ the​ caves around Mecca where he began to​ meditate and​ search for​ a​ connection to​ that higher power or​ God.

He had many dreams, visions and​ revelations as​ a​ result of​ his search, however, those visions troubled him so much that he was driven to​ the​ brink of​ suicide. Muhammad was the​ first one to​ doubt that his revelations had anything to​ do with God at​ all. He thought his visions were a​ product of​ the​ “Jinn” or​ satanic spirits.

We can thank his wife for​ talking him out of​ that doubt. She told him that the​ visions were truly inspired by divinity and​ should be made known to​ the​ world. There is​ little doubt also that Muslims would give credit to​ a​ woman for​ starting Islam, considering the​ status women hold in​ that religion, but by all accounts she should be credited with it. He was inclined to​ take no credit for​ it​ at​ all.

A basic fact almost always overlooked by Islam or​ any other religion in​ the​ world is​ that “not everything that is​ supernatural is​ Divine.” Can Satan give people visions and​ revelations? Let’s just say you can bet your life on it. and​ that is​ what you would have to​ bet but what price is​ the​ losing?

As for​ Pat Robertson’s remarks about Islam not being a​ peaceful religion it​ is​ certain that he is​ far from the​ first to​ come to​ that conclusion as​ well. Rev Franklin Graham the​ son of​ evangelist Billy Graham was one of​ the​ first voices to​ go on record after the​ events of​ 9/11 in​ New York City. if​ the​ adage that “deeds speak louder than words” is​ true then the​ radical Muslims who perpetrated the​ infamous deed were the​ first to​ go on record saying Islam is​ not a​ peaceful religion. Subsequent acts of​ terror spawned by radical Islam all over the​ world have kept that message alive and​ well ever since.

Over 600 homes and​ many churches in​ the​ town of​ Tentena a​ province of​ Central Sulawesi were burned down or​ destroyed by jihad driven Islam. the​ group called “Laskar Jihad” in​ that region is​ said to​ be bent on the​ destruction of​ all Christianity since November of​ 2001. Over 15,000 Christians have fled the​ area since then. in​ Indonesia alone over 9000 Christians have been killed or​ uprooted since 1999. That’s a​ heck of​ a​ record for​ a​ so called “peaceful religion” is​ anybody listening?

How can the​ most educated generation in​ the​ history of​ the​ world not notice that the​ Islamic jihad is​ part of​ the​ message of​ the​ Quran itself? it​ is​ the​ doctrine of​ Islam and​ is​ central to​ all Islamic view and​ behavior. if​ the​ constitution of​ the​ United States had as​ one of​ its tenants the​ destruction of​ every other political system in​ the​ world wouldn’t somebody notice that? if​ the​ Bible had a​ New Testament call for​ the​ death of​ anyone who wouldn’t believe it, would any one take note of​ that? Yet we are asked to​ ignore the​ very essence of​ the​ writings of​ the​ Quran in​ favor of​ a​ promise that after all “Islam is​ a​ peaceful religion.” There is​ a​ word for​ this juvenile notion and​ in​ keeping with its juvenile premise lets just say that word is​ “baloney”

Muhammad went into a​ cave and​ since he came out people have been dying all over the​ world but never so much as​ lately. Jesus went into a​ cave as​ a​ dead man and​ came out alive and​ with a​ message and​ a​ promise of​ life to​ anyone who would believe. Wow, what a​ blatant contrast. But will that change anyone’s mind on a​ large scale? No, it​ will not, but on a​ one to​ one basis it​ has been changing minds and​ hearts for​ centuries and​ it​ will continue to​ do so till the​ end of​ time. But don’t be discouraged even Jesus knew that the​ world would turn their backs on his greatest accomplishment and​ said …”If they hear not Moses and​ the​ prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the​ dead.” Luke 16:31

Rev Bresciani is​ the​ author of​ two Christian books. One book entitled an​ American Prophet and​ His Message or​ Questions and​ Answers on the​ Second Coming of​ Christ is​ published by Xulon Press. He also has hundreds of​ articles on religion, politics, advice and​ current events published both online and​ in​ print. Visit

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