Turn Videos Into Your Enless Source Of Unique Content

Turn Videos Into Your Enless Source Of Unique Content

Turn Videos Into Your Enless Source of​ Unique Content
You can find an​ almost endless amount of​ video material on the​ web about just about any possible and​ impossible subject .​
I​ will tell you how you can create quality texts with frames from the​ video all from using freely available material to​ allow you to​ spice up your web pages with search engine optimized unique content .​
You can tune in​ to​ content matching you niche perfectly and​ avoid content that obviously does not work on the​ video sites .​
Just linking videos from you site is​ not as​ good as​ having an​ article about the​ video.
Where to​ get videos
There are huge numbers of​ videos sharing sites available on the​ internet all with some more or​ less interesting content .​
Start by searching video sites for​ you sites keywords, begin with YouTube since is​ that sites is​ the​ most popular and​ probably largest .​
Order results by date if​ there are a​ few results and​ by relevancy if​ there you get many results for​ your keyword .​
Go down then list and​ try to​ find videos that is​ good for​ your site, covers a​ subject that is​ related to​ yours .​
Take a​ look at​ how old the​ video is​ and​ compare it​ with its popularity to​ decide if​ the​ video is​ worth writing about .​
When you have found a​ video you want to​ use copy the​ embed HTML code so you can use it​ form your page to​ show the​ video.
Most of​ the​ video sharing sites, including YouTube, present videos in​ the​ Flash video format .​
flash video file you will need some kind of​ browser plugin or​ other software as​ explained in​ the​ linked article .​
When you download the​ video from YouTube make sure you get the​ high quality version of​ the​ clip .​
If you have a​ good internet connect YouTube should be able to​ detect this automatically but if​ this for​ some reason does not work you can foce the​ settings in​ your account settings / Video playback Quality.
Capture video frames
Next you need to​ capture video frames from the​ downloaded video that you have decided to​ write about .​
Use the​ Fast video indexer program and​ capture the​ frames as​ jpeg images .​
If the​ video file is​ short you might want to​ change the​ default settings to​ save video frames that are closer together in​ time .​
Some of​ the​ advantages of​ using images instead of​ video files is​ that they will display without requiring any plugins, your web page will load quicker and​ you can display captured frames from the​ middle of​ the​ video that match what you are writing about.
video capture software
Writing the​ text
Now that you have a​ selection of​ images from the​ video it​ is​ time to​ start writing .​
As you write about the​ video insert relevant video frames from among the​ ones you captured .​
Use the​ video as​ your main inspiration for​ writing .​
You can also use feedback about the​ videos and​ spin on their comments .​
At the​ end of​ your text add the​ embed link to​ let users see the​ original video you are writing about .​
Using this method you can quite easily produce high quality article matching your site about topics you already know people are interested in.
Download FastVideoIndexer to​ capture video frames
Capture video frames from Flickr videos
Visit YouTube to​ find videos

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