Turkmenistan Casinos

Turkmenistan Casinos

Turkmenistan is​ one of​ the​ states that came from the​ falling apart of​ the​ Soviet Union. While it​ has a​ long history from being an​ offshoot of​ the​ Hunnish Empire in​ the​ 6th century,​ it's never been much more than a​ backwater of​ history.

This has changed in​ recent years as​ the​ country's huge gas reserves have been discovered and exploited. it​ is​ still,​ however,​ distressingly poor and according to​ Amnesty International has the​ third worst press freedoms in​ the​ world.

In common with much of​ the​ CIS,​ Turkmenistan's casinos have been legalized. There was always underground gaming,​ but in​ the​ interests of​ regulating (and taxing),​ licences have been granted for the​ two casinos in​ the​ capital Ashgabat.

List of​ Turkmenistan's casinos includes:

Ashgabat: Grand Casino - Ten game tables and 150 slot machines.

Ashgabat: Ak Altin Casino - Four game tables and 15 slot machines.

In common with all areas of​ the​ ex-Soviet Union,​ there will be other gambling games available,​ from the​ legal,​ such as​ betting on​ horse races,​ either official or​ unofficial,​ to​ the​ both illegal and highly dangerous,​ like underground casinos. it​ is​ very strongly advised that foreigners do not get involved in​ these alternatives to​ Turkmenistan's casinos. the​ first and most obvious reason is​ that they will be extremely dangerous.

The economy of​ Turkenistan is​ hugely buoyed by the​ natural gas industry. However,​ there isn't much else to​ talk about that makes any wealth. Business life therefore centers around how to​ get a​ cut of​ that gas wealth: it​ does not help that the​ country is​ run by President Niyazov who has declared himself both President for Life and "Turkmenbashi,​" that is,​ Leader of​ the​ Turkmen. This has been followed by his insistence (and laws to​ the​ effect) that days of​ the​ week are to​ be named after members of​ his family,​ that the​ Rukhana,​ his self-penned book of​ wisdom,​ be the​ primary text in​ all schools,​ or​ that some of​ the​ cities are dominated by gold-plated statues of​ him. it​ might be fair to​ state that he is​ not the​ most democratic (nor sane) of​ people running a​ country today.

If Turkmenistan's casinos are anything like those in​ other corrupt parts of​ the​ CIS,​ they will feature a​ few bored Westerners playing aimlessly to​ while away their expatriate contracts,​ a​ large number of​ prostitutes,​ and further numbers of​ Mafiosi and government officals (often indistinguishable) flaunting their new and illegally found wealth. the​ illegal alternatives to​ Turkmenistan's casinos will be,​ if​ anything,​ worse.

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