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Mention Turkey and the​ images that flitter by are those of​ spiraling turrets,​ whirling dervishes and belly dancers. the​ birthplace of​ many a​ civilization including the​ Armenian and the​ Ottoman,​ this Eurasian country has charmed many. Strategically located,​ it​ is​ a​ unique blend of​ the​ East and the​ West. Turkey holds varied attractions for those whose interest's range beyond the​ architectural or​ theological.

One can make fortunes here faster than you can blink your eyes or​ perhaps even lose them just as​ fast. One of​ the​ few countries that allow gambling legally - Turkey is​ a​ haven for casino enthusiasts. the​ Turkish city of​ Kyrenia is​ home to​ the​ largest numbers of​ casinos in​ the​ country and many a​ happy tourist can be found here having a​ good time. the​ Casino Merit Crystal Cove is​ by far the​ largest and the​ most popular.

There was a​ time though when all was not well with the​ gambling scenario in​ the​ country. in​ the​ last decade attempts were made to​ ban the​ then 1 billion dollar industry by the​ Islamist collation government. the​ new century though has dawned to​ see the​ industry reviving from the​ back breaking laws imposed by governments of​ the​ past and bitter street fights amongst local syndicates and has helped the​ country on​ its way to​ becoming one of​ the​ largest growing economies in​ the​ world.

Other than the​ regular casino options like Roulette and Black Jack,​ slot machines and card games are especially popular. the​ standard 52 card deck is​ used to​ play a​ variety of​ games including Papaz Kacti which roughly translates into 'king escapes',​ Maca Kizi - a​ Turkish version of​ Hearts,​ Dost Kazigi or​ 'friend soak'. These games amongst many others are indigenous to​ the​ region and can be great fun for those with an​ adventurous streak.

The Mediterranean climate is​ ideal for vacationing and you have an​ option of​ enjoying the​ hot,​ dry summers or​ the​ mild but wet winters. Most of​ the​ acclaimed global hospitality chains have a​ presence here and offer their guests a​ chance to​ win the​ favors of​ lady luck. if​ the​ idea of​ winning back your exotic trips expenses appeals to​ you,​ then stepping into one of​ Turkey's Casino's is​ a​ must! the​ New Turkish Lira (YTL) is​ approximately 70 cents,​ making it​ an​ economically viable holiday destination. Add to​ that the​ chances of​ winning back your money at​ Turkey's local casinos and the​ propositions sounds a​ lot more exciting!
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