Try An Inexpensive Costa Rica Vacation

Try An Inexpensive Costa Rica Vacation

If you are looking for a​ place to​ vacation that could be called a​ tropical paradise then look no further than Costa Rica. of​ course one of​ the​ biggest concerns when planning any vacation is​ cost. if​ you are planning to​ travel as​ a​ family then any vacation can be an​ expensive endeavor. However there are many inexpensive Vacation packages you can afford. in​ fact if​ you live the​ US it​ is​ frequently cheaper to​ vacation in​ Costa Rica then in​ many locations in​ the​ USA.

Costa Rica travel and vacation packages include cruises that visit different ports of​ call enroute to​ Costa Rica. There are also daily direct flights from major US airports to​ Costa Rica's largest cities of​ San Jose and Liberia. a​ quick check of​ the​ Internet will show you just how low air fares are to​ this beautiful country. Special travel packages that include trips to​ many of​ the​ countries unique and wild national parks are also available. Special travel package are also available to​ those who are getting married in​ Costa Rica or​ are planning their honeymoon on​ one of​ many beautiful sandy beach resorts.

Approximately 23 percent of​ Costa Rica's land mass is​ protected by National parks,​ forests and preserves making it​ an​ ideal eco tourism destination. There are many outfitters that specialize in​ trips to​ these remote and beautiful locations. it​ is​ well known worldwide that Costa Rica has one of​ the​ highest biodiversities in​ the​ world. in​ addition despite being just 10 degrees north of​ the​ equator the​ climate is​ comfortable most of​ the​ year especially in​ the​ highlands around Lake Arenal.

Booking an​ inexpensive Costa Rica vacation does not mean it​ is​ vacation that is​ short on​ services. There are many world class resorts that provide services comparable to​ any first class destination. the​ cost of​ living is​ relatively low compared to​ European and US standards which allows you to​ book a​ quality vacation at​ a​ very reasonable price. Shopping can be fun when prices are so low and if​ you like to​ dine out at​ the​ many fine resturants you will be shocked at​ how low the​ bill will be.

One of​ the​ benefits to​ visiting Costa Rica is​ the​ freedom to​ travel anywhere you please as​ you please as​ there are very few travel restrictions. in​ addition the​ country has a​ very low crime rate so you can feel safe no matter where you are likely to​ roam. Many times these side trips can be the​ most inexpensive part of​ your vacation. if​ you are a​ fisherman you will find that Costa Rica is​ unmatched when comes to​ saltwater fishing. You can catch snook and tarpon on​ the​ beaches or​ charter offshore for marlin,​ tuna and rooster fish. You can fish the​ pacific one day and the​ Caribbean the​ next.

So if​ you are considering a​ vacation outside the​ US or​ Europe then you should try an​ inexpensive Costa Rica Vacation. it​ is​ a​ tropical paradise at​ a​ very reasonable price.

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