Try An Aspen Ski Vacation

Try An Aspen Ski Vacation

Aspen is​ one of​ the​ most popular ski destinations in​ the​ Unites States and perhaps one of​ the​ best well known in​ the​ entire world. Creating an​ Aspen ski vacation resort was the​ brainchild of​ Friedl Pfeifer,​ an​ accomplished skier from Austria who wound up in​ Aspen at​ the​ end of​ WW II.

With only a​ few dollars in​ his pocket he founded the​ first ski school in​ Aspen and partnered with Walter Paepcke to​ create to​ create what was then the​ world’s longest chairlift.

The sleepy mining town of​ Aspen was suddenly transformed into one of​ the​ most popular recreational nooks in​ America. Now Aspen is​ home to​ many ski resorts,​ hotels,​ and bread and breakfast cottages to​ accommodate the​ thousands of​ people which take an​ Aspen ski vacation each year.

Are you considering an​ Aspen ski vacation? if​ so,​ it​ is​ a​ very popular choice,​ and you will be surely be glad you visited Aspen. Aspen is​ surrounded by 4 mountains and offers more than 4500 acres of​ fascinating terrain. Aspen receives plenty of​ snow each year that is​ just perfect for skiing and other snow related sports.

Ajax Mountain is​ a​ big draw for the​ more advanced skiers. it​ has over 700 acres for skiing and a​ vertical drop of​ more than 3200 feet. Next to​ Ajax is​ the​ Aspen Highlands which is​ perfectly suitable for beginning and intermediate skiers. You may even spot some Olympic medalists on​ the​ Aspen Highlands,​ as​ it​ is​ a​ favored skiing spot for skiers of​ all abilities who seek an​ Aspen ski vacation.

The Buttermilk is​ smaller mountain and more suited for beginning skiers. This also is​ home to​ the​ longest terrain park and host to​ the​ ESPN Winter X Games. the​ largest of​ the​ Aspen mountains is​ Snowmass and it​ has over 3000 acres of​ skiing terrain and has areas suitable for skiers of​ all abilities.

Snowmass is​ perhaps the​ most well known Aspen mountain and is​ popular for an​ Aspen ski vacation. it​ offers some spectacular panoramic views.

Aspen is​ situated around 215 miles to​ the​ southwest of​ Denver and about 75 miles to​ the​ southeast of​ Eagle. Aspen has its own airport,​ Sardy Field,​ which makes flying into the​ resort town for an​ Aspen ski vacation very easy to​ accomplish.

Try An Aspen Ski Vacation

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