Truck And uv Exhaust Systems

Truck And uv Exhaust Systems

Let’s assume that you have decided to​ purchase a​ performance exhaust system. Let’s also assume that you already know the​ benefits of​ putting a​ high-performance exhaust system on your truck or​ SUV: better gas mileage, more horsepower and​ torque, and​ a​ louder, high-performance sound. These high-performance exhaust systems give you all of​ those benefits by providing less restriction and​ making it​ easier for​ your motor to​ send it’s exhaust gases through the​ exhaust system.

And just a​ side note, the​ following phrases all mean the​ same thing: cat-back exhaust, high-performance exhaust, high-flow exhaust system, performance exhaust, free-flowing exhaust, aftermarket exhaust, and​ custom exhaust.

So, now that you already know the​ benefits of​ a​ high-flowing exhaust system, let’s talk about the​ different styles or​ the​ different configurations for​ cat-back exhaust systems.

Single Side Exit
This type of​ aftermarket exhaust system uses one pipe to​ vent the​ exhaust gases from your motor and​ away from your truck or​ SUV. Typically, these have an​ exit location (where the​ end of​ the​ pipe is) just behind the​ rear, passenger-side wheel. These also generally cost less than a​ system with two exhaust pipes. Surprisingly, these single pipe systems tend to​ produce more power than most dual systems.

Dual Side Exit
This style of​ custom exhaust system is​ quite similar to​ the​ Single Side Exit, but uses two pipes to​ exit the​ exhaust gases from your truck or​ SUV instead of​ one. This means that your engine has less restriction and​ generally has quicker throttle response. it​ also lends itself to​ producing a​ louder, more aggressive exhaust tone.

Dual Rear Exit
This configuration of​ high-flow exhaust system uses two pipes to​ vent the​ exhaust gases from your motor. This unique design differs from the​ previous two because the​ pipes exit out the​ rear of​ the​ vehicle, just under the​ bumper or​ roll pan. This free-flowing style of​ exhaust system has all of​ the​ benefits of​ the​ Dual Side Exit exhaust but can be perceived as​ louder because the​ sound is​ directed out the​ rear of​ your vehicle, directly at​ the​ traffic behind you. Depending on how aggressive your driving habits are, this can either be a​ good thing, or​ a​ bad thing. One side note: you may not be interested in​ this exhaust system if​ you are towing any kind of​ trailer because the​ exhaust gases can leave soot on whatever you’re towing.

Extreme Dual Exit or​ Opposite Side Dual
This style of​ cat-back exhaust uses two pipes to​ exit the​ exhaust gases from your motor but differs from the​ Dual Rear Exit. the​ Extreme Dual Exit has one pipe exiting behind each rear tire. This free-flowing exhaust system has all of​ the​ same benefits of​ the​ other dual systems, but unlike the​ Dual Rear Exit, it​ won’t leave soot on your trailer.

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