Trouble Shooting Residential Tanning Beds

Trouble Shooting Residential Tanning Beds

A residential tanning bed is​ often purchased by individuals who want to​ have a​ tan without bothering to​ dress up and​ go to​ a​ tanning salon. a​ tanning bed at​ home makes it​ more convenient for​ a​ person to​ get that wonderful tan. But a​ residential tanning bed also means additional responsibility for​ the​ owner. Technology is​ never perfect, like the​ humans who use them. Thus, the​ home tanning bed may be subject to​ several problems. Fortunately, the​ owner of​ such tanning bed need not call a​ technician every time something goes wrong with it. Here is​ a​ guide that will be useful for​ the​ owner of​ a​ residential tanning bed.

If the​ bed refuses to​ start or​ to​ turn on, there could be four possible reasons:

1. There is​ no power supplied to​ the​ bed
2. There is​ a​ bad relay
3. There is​ a​ loose at​ the​ relay
4. There is​ a​ loose wire at​ the​ dial timer

The owner must inspect the​ plug and​ the​ breaker to​ make sure that there is​ power going to​ the​ bed. if​ the​ relay is​ bad, then there is​ no other way to​ fix the​ bed but to​ replace the​ relay. as​ for​ loose wires, all the​ owner has to​ do is​ to​ tighten the​ loose connection.

If the​ lamps don’t light up, there are five possible causes:

1. Malfunctioning lamps
2. Malfunctioning ballast
3. Malfunctioning lamp holder
4. Malfunctioning starter
5. a​ loose wire at​ the​ ballast, or​ at​ the​ lamp holder or​ at​ the​ terminal

For any malfunctioning part of​ the​ tanning bed, the​ owner will need to​ replace it. the​ owner should not attempt to​ fix it​ by himself. for​ the​ loose wire, the​ owner may just tighten the​ loose connection.

If the​ bench lamps will not light up, the​ cause could be any of​ these:

1. the​ bench is​ not plugged into the​ canopy
2. a​ loose wire in​ the​ connector between the​ bench and​ the​ canopy
3. the​ wire in​ the​ bench-to-canopy connector may be burnt

The owner must check if​ the​ bench is​ securely plugged into the​ canopy. if​ not, he should correct the​ situation. the​ loose wire needed only a​ tightening. But if​ the​ wire is​ burnt, the​ owner must retrieve some electrical tools so that he can strip the​ wire and​ replace the​ connector.

If the​ lamps do not work well but the​ fans are working fine, there are only two things to​ check:

1. the​ relay
2. the​ wire either at​ the​ terminal block or​ the​ relay

The owner must check whether the​ relay is​ malfunctioning or​ not. if​ it​ is​ not working properly, this relay should be replaced. Any loose wire at​ the​ terminal block or​ at​ the​ relay can be corrected by tightening the​ connection.

For other tanning bed troubles, it​ is​ best that the​ owner consults the​ technician of​ the​ tanning bed supplier.

Trouble Shooting Residential Tanning Beds

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