Treatments For Aspergers Syndrome

Treatments For Aspergers Syndrome

Treatments for​ Aspergers Syndrome
There is​ not one set treatment for​ Aspergers syndrome .​
You will not find a​ medication that will cure a​ child with Aspergers .​
Instead you will find several treatments to​ help with the​ problems associated with Aspergers syndrome .​
Here we will examine some of​ the​ treatments used with Aspergers syndrome.
Social Skills Training
Children with Aspergers syndrome have a​ hard time understanding facial expressions, and​ tone of​ voice .​
They tend to​ take everything said to​ them very literally .​
They do not know when a​ person is​ joking with them .​
Children can be taught to​ recognize changes in​ peoples voice, and​ what different facial expressions mean .​
They also need to​ be taught how to​ use better eye contact .​
This type of​ training can help the​ child to​ make friends .​
They are taught how to​ act around other people .​
Some children with Aspergers want to​ be around other kids, they just do not know how to​ act with them .​
They can be taught how to​ act when out shopping, or​ at​ a​ restaurant .​
Cognitive behavior Therapy
This type of​ therapy teaches the​ child with Aspergers syndrome to​ find ways to​ cope .​
They are taught ways to​ reduce anxiety .​
They learn how to​ spot a​ situation that can cause them trouble .​
Then they learn techniques to​ cope when they are in​ that situation .​
Aspergers children often have a​ lot of​ anxiety .​
They have a​ hard time in​ social settings .​
They can have anxiety attacks, or​ complete meltdowns .​
The Cognitive therapy teaches them ways to​ stop the​ meltdowns from occurring .​
This therapy will teach a​ child with Aspergers that when they feel an​ unwanted behavior coming on something they can do to​ stop it .​
They are taught how to​ remove them selves from a​ situation that makes them uneasy.
There is​ no medication that will treat Aspergers .​
However there is​ medication to​ help with some of​ the​ symptoms of​ Aspergers .​
Many children with Aspergers have anxiety and​ depression .​
There are medications that can help relieve these problems .​
Relieving the​ anxiety can help the​ child feel more comfortable in​ social settings .​
Medications like these can have side effects .​
You will need to​ monitor your child's behavior while they are on the​ medication .​
Some children with Aspergers have a​ hard time sleeping .​
There are medications to​ help the​ child sleep .​
Parenting Education
There is​ training for​ the​ parents of​ Aspergers children .​
This training consists of​ ways you can deal with behaviors .​
Learning things that can help to​ calm your child down when they are having a​ meltdown, or​ anxiety attack .​
Parents are taught ways of​ using reward systems to​ control behavior problems .​
They are taught how to​ deal with the​ behaviors in​ the​ home .​
This helps them to​ deal with behaviors in​ other places too.
With these treatments the​ life of​ an​ Aspergers child can be easier .​
If no treatment is​ given children with Aspergers can have trouble with depression, and​ anxiety .​
They have such a​ hard time dealing with people socially they might turn to​ alcohol, or​ drugs to​ relax them .​
Getting a​ treatment plan that works is​ a​ number one priority for​ your Aspergers child.

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