Treadmill Comparison 3 Things You Must Know Before Buying

Treadmill Comparison 3 Things You Must Know Before Buying

Buying a​ treadmill? You'll probably be making several treadmill comparisons when doing your research.

Here are 3 things you must know when making treadmill comparisons in​ order to​ find the best one for you.

#1 Compare Apples to​ Apples

Don't compare prices between treadmills online and treadmills sold at​ a​ store. They are two different marketplaces, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

When I was selling a​ Proform treadmill many years ago, the gentleman buying it​ had gone online and seen the same model for less. I had to​ explain to​ him that this price was an​ online price only. Buying a​ treadmill online can sometimes be considerably cheaper, depending on the manufacturer, sales, closeouts, etc.

So when comparing treadmill prices side by side, make sure you compare online treadmills to​ online treadmills and store treadmills to​ store treadmills.

Also make sure you're comparing the same models. it​ sounds obvious but some treadmill brands have so many similar sounding treadmills in​ their line-up it's easy to​ get confused!

#2 Know the Key Ingredients to​ a​ Quality Treadmill

Make sure you know the top 4 key ingredients to​ a​ quality treadmill:

- Motor Power
- Stability
- Warranty
- Cushioning

Your motor is​ the heart of​ your treadmill and adequate motor power is​ extremely important. Most experts recommend at​ least a​ 1.5 HP motor although I prefer a​ 2.0 HP or​ higher to​ ensure you don't burn the motor out (and then have to​ pay costly repair fees).

Stability ensures that your treadmill will not shake or​ wobble when you start to​ run on it.

Your warranty will protect your investment and quality treadmills will include a​ warranty. (You shouldn't have to​ pay extra for a​ treadmill warranty - unless you want to, of​ course!)

Cushioning is​ the ability of​ the treadmill to​ absorb the force of​ your step. Higher cushioning means lower impact on your joints and ligaments. Cushioning is​ extremely important as​ poor cushioning can cause injury and muscle strain

#3) Know What YOU Need When Reviewing Treadmills

Many people get sold on all of​ the 'neat' features of​ the treadmill - but don't ever consider if​ they'll really use them.

For example we'd all love to​ own a​ commercial-grade, luxury treadmill - but for many people, it's MORE than they need. On the other hand, a​ serious runner might actually need that kind of​ stability and cushioning in​ a​ treadmill.

If you don't really care about 30 workout programs, why pay extra for them? if​ you know your 6'2" son will be running on the treadmill, remember to​ look for one with a​ longer running area and adequate user weight capacity.

By knowing what you you need before comparing treadmills, you'll save yourself a​ lot of​ time and frustration.

So there you have it​ - keep these 3 points in​ mind when making treadmill comparisons and you'll be well on your way to​ making an​ excellent treadmill purchase! Enjoy and have fun!

Treadmill Comparison 3 Things You Must Know Before Buying

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