Travel Pet Insurance

Travel Pet Insurance
Recent changes to​ the​ UK’s quarantine laws mean that it​ is​ now possible for you​ to​ obtain a​ pet passport (under the​ government’s ‘passport for pets’ scheme) and take your family pet away with you​ on​ holiday .​
However,​ before you​ run off down to​ your local travel agent and book tickets for the​ whole family to​ that exotic seaside tropical location you​ have always wanted to​ visit but have to​ put off because everyone else at​ home didn’t want to​ leave Fido in​ the​ kennel,​ you​ might want to​ consider getting you​ and your family some travel insurance – including that all important travel pet insurance.
A number of​ leading pet insurance providers now offer pet owners travel pet insurance to​ give pet owners the​ comfort of​ knowing whether they are far away in​ exotic places enjoying the​ sun and sea or​ closer to​ home enjoying the​ cultural delights of​ Europe,​ their pet will be insured against any illness or​ mishap that may unfortunately befall them .​

Typically,​ included in​ the​ travel pet insurance is:
- x-rays
- injections
- lab tests
- prescriptions
- costs while they stay at​ the​ vet and recuperate
Keep in​ mind,​ however,​ that as​ with other types of​ insurance,​ travel pet insurance usually comes with what is​ known as​ an​ excess .​
in​ short,​ what this means is​ that you​ – as​ the​ owner if​ the​ pet – will be required to​ pay a​ certain amount until a​ threshold amount is​ reached .​
Thereafter you​ can claim for a​ reimbursement against the​ insurance provider .​
However,​ unlike humans,​ travel pet insurance premiums are usually calculated on​ the​ type of​ animal you​ have and the​ age of​ the​ animal .​
as​ such,​ it​ is​ possible to​ leave arranging the​ travel pet insurance policy until the​ last minute,​ then purchasing this online once you​ have decided that you​ will definitely be taking your family pet away with you​ on​ your family holidays!
Moreover,​ as​ with human travel insurance policies,​ pet travel insurance can be purchased either as​ annual policy or​ as​ a​ one-off travel policy .​
If you​ get an​ annual pet travel policy,​ this means you​ can take your pet with you​ whenever you​ travel one of​ the​ 25+ countries outside of​ the​ UK which the​ UK government currently has arrangements for the​ ‘passport for pets’ scheme,​ or​ any of​ the​ European Union countries (which are all part of​ the​ ‘passport for pets’ scheme already) .​
Alternatively,​ with one-off pet travel insurance policies you​ need to​ name the​ country you​ are going to​ visit and the​ dates you’ll be there and the​ policy will only cover you​ for the​ duration and place stated.

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