Travel Insurance Tips Advice Resources For Seniors

Travel Insurance Tips Advice Resources For Seniors

RIDDLE! What is​ it? They spend thousands encouraging us to​ buy it. We are advised never to​ go on​ holiday without it. But when we want to​ buy it,​ they don't want to​ sell it​ to​ us.
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So after much deliberation we have chosen the​ holiday destination,​ sorted out the​ flights,​ and already we are picturing ourselves languishing on​ warm sands with the​ inviting blue sea stretching before us,​ and we just have the​ minor formality of​ the​ holiday travel insurance and then all the​ arrangements will be complete. Did I say MINOR? Well,​ yes,​ holiday insurance was once just a​ minor formality,​ but now for retired folk or​ senior citizens it​ has become a​ MAJOR,​ MAJOR problem. (In fact,​ when talking to​ friends it​ appears that holiday insurance has replaced house prices as​ the​ after dinner discussion). the​ problem is​ not just about how health affects the​ cost of​ insurance but it's about how age affects the​ cost of​ insurance. Isn't it​ amazing how an​ insurance company can take your annual holiday insurance payments for years,​ you​ have never made a​ claim,​ and suddenly because you​ have just passed a​ certain birthday you​ are too risky to​ consider. Your medical history may be fine,​ in​ fact you​ may be fitter than the​ 30 year old couch potato on​ the​ end of​ the​ telephone,​ but that doesn't count - the​ only thing that counts is​ the​ date on​ your birth certificate. And when you​ do find an​ insurance company who will cover you,​ you​ find that the​ premium costs more than the​ holiday.

However,​ one thing is​ certain,​ WE MUST HAVE HOLIDAY TRAVEL INSURANCE (you realize how essential it​ is​ when you​ consider that an​ air ambulance from the​ USA will set you​ back approx £35,​000),​ and another important point is​ to​ be honest when declaring your medical history,​ because Insurance Companies are not charities and will possibly look into your medical history hoping to​ find some information (however slight you​ may have considered it​ at​ the​ time it​ was recorded) to​ avoid paying for example that air ambulance cost from the​ USA.

A timely reminder that the​ E111 was discontinued on​ 31 December 05 and was replaced by the​ EHIC (the European Health Insurance Card),​ which you​ can obtain from the​ Post Office or​ it​ is​ useful to​ take this,​ but it​ is​ definitely not a​ substitute for personal holiday insurance.

And whilst on​ the​ subject of​ European holidays; a​ couple of​ years back we met a​ group of​ Spanish pensioners having a​ great time on​ the​ Costa del Sol. We found out why it​ was such a​ joyous occasion,​ it​ came courtesy of​ the​ Spanish Government - the​ Government treats senior citizens to​ a​ week's free holiday. on​ reflection,​ it​ could possibly work out cheaper for the​ National Health if​ our senior citizens were sent to​ warmer climes during the​ winter when bronchitis and respiratory problems abound. Mr Brown,​ it's food for thought. After all,​ he informs us that in​ 2008 we shall be receiving free bus travel throughout the​ country,​ so perhaps we can but dream that the​ boundaries be extended somewhat. However,​ there is​ still the​ problem of​ the​ necessary holiday travel insurance.

A recent survey found that 9 out of​ 10 annual travel policies impose an​ upper age limit. it​ is​ slightly easier to​ obtain single trip policies: but this can work out expensive is​ you​ plan to​ take more than a​ couple of​ holidays a​ year. Here are a​ few worth contacting,​ but do shop around as​ prices vary enormously –

All Clear of​ Brentwood - Citybond - Churchill - Age Concern ) will insure the​ over 80s Help the​ Aged ) will insure the​ over 80s Saga ) will insure the​ over 80s Norwich & Peterborough - Flexicover -

Travel Insurance Tips Advice Resources For Seniors

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