Travel Insurance Protects All Travellers From Risks

Travel Insurance Protects All Travellers From Risks

Any unexpected expenses during your travel abroad need to​ be preplanned well in​ advance. Travel insurance is​ indispensable when you​ are traveling to​ a​ foreign country,​ sometimes you​ are on​ your own and any unforeseen incidents such as​ accidents or​ illnesses will be borne by you​ wholly. With Travel insurance your medical expenses or​ any other unforeseen expenses will be covered.

It’s basically an​ agreement between a​ traveller and an​ insurance company by which an​ insurance company is​ obliged to​ cover all the​ losses that you​ may incur during the​ trip abroad. an​ insured person pays the​ premium either in​ single or​ multiple installments.

Which is​ the​ right time to​ get the​ travel insurance?

For frequent travelers there are more broad permanent travel insurances that protect you​ during all your trips that meet certain requirements. Such online travel insurance can be purchased directly from insurance companies but also from travel agents or​ travel companies.

What happens in​ case of​ pre-existing medical conditions?

Anyone with a​ serious pre-existing medical condition would find it​ tricky to​ attain a​ travel insurance. However,​ it’s not impossible,​ travel insurance companies exclude all claims related to​ pre-existing medical conditions. Some insurers will cover for pre-existing conditions without any additional premium. Other travel insurance companies may have a​ medical screening system,​ usually carried out over the​ telephone or​ online. you​ are asked a​ series of​ questions in​ order to​ assess the​ risk involved and to​ determine whether you​ can be given insurance,​ in​ such case you​ may have to​ pay an​ additional premium to​ cover the​ risk of​ pre-existing condition,​ or​ exclude any claims relating to​ risk.

What all am I covered for in​ such insurance?

The most common risks that are covered by travel insurance are flight delays,​ cancellations,​ limitations. Theft of​ luggage,​ delay or​ loss of​ personal possessions up to​ a​ certain amount when undeclared and up to​ any amount when declared and included in​ the​ policy is​ covered under such travel insurance. it​ will also cover for medical expenses whether due to​ illness or​ accident. This includes transportation to​ and from hospitals and clinics,​ physicians' fees,​ medications,​ etc.

In case of​ death,​ all funeral expenses,​ benefits of​ accidental death,​ will be covered by the​ insurance. Legal coverage such as​ legal fees,​ personal liability for accidents in​ case you​ are responsible for the​ accident and have to​ bear the​ injured person’s medical expense. Moreover,​ there are other risks for which insurance can be purchased jointly or​ separately from a​ regular travel insurance contract.

If you​ buy a​ travel package to​ a​ high risk destination,​ chances are that the​ policy will already contain those clauses,​ the​ same is​ applicable if​ you​ hire all the​ services needed to​ perform the​ high risk activities from the​ same agent. However,​ you​ should carefully read the​ policy before committing to​ anything and make sure that you​ are sufficiently protected.

Travel Insurance Protects All Travellers From Risks

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