Travel Insurance Is It Necessary For A Uk Based Holiday

Travel Insurance Is It Necessary For A Uk Based Holiday

Travel Insurance – is​ It Necessary For a​ UK-Based Holiday?
Just over a​ month ago,​ my boyfriend and I​ decided to​ visit the​ beautiful city of​ Edinburgh for our 5 year anniversary .​
We live in​ Dorset,​ so we didn’t want to​ spend the​ whole time travelling .​
To make the​ trip easier on​ ourselves,​ we decided to​ fly there,​ and used a​ travel agent to​ organise the​ week long holiday .​
Imagine my surprise when I​ saw an​ additional £27.50 on​ the​ quote for travel insurance! We were only going to​ Edinburgh,​ not Pittsburgh!
I was offended that they thought we would be so stupid as​ to​ get travel insurance for a​ trip within the​ UK .​
They have hospitals in​ Edinburgh,​ and it​ really isn’t very far away .​
But later on,​ over a​ cup of​ hot chocolate,​ I​ put some more thought into it.
Holiday disasters can happen anywhere,​ not just abroad - so I​ made a​ list of​ what could feasibly go wrong:
· One of​ us could fall ill before we depart,​ we’d have no choice but to​ cancel the​ trip .​
The flights and the​ hotel were non-refundable,​ so we’d have to​ pay anyway.
· My Grandfather has been ill lately,​ if​ he got suddenly worse then I​ wouldn’t be able to​ go on​ holiday .​
Again,​ the​ trip would have to​ be cancelled.
· Either of​ us could be called up for jury service at​ any time.
· Flights are delayed and cancelled all the​ time .​
On top of​ the​ inconvenience,​ we may need to​ arrange an​ overnight stay near the​ airport.
· Anything could happen to​ our luggage,​ airlines lose suitcases all the​ time.
· My boyfriend bought me a​ wonderful digital camera as​ a​ present,​ if​ I​ lost it,​ it​ would be very expensive to​ replace.
Hang on​ a​ minute,​ what about our Home & Contents insurance policy? I​ bet that would cover us for loss of​ luggage or​ my camera as​ long as​ I​ was in​ the​ UK .​
I​ found the​ policy and read the​ small print .​
No such luck,​ only ‘personal possessions’ that were listed on​ the​ policy counted,​ so everything in​ the​ luggage wouldn’t be covered,​ and I’d need to​ make a​ phone call to​ get the​ camera included on​ the​ policy.
I remembered something else – we had over 4 years of​ no claims discount on​ our Home & Contents policy .​
If we had to​ make a​ claim,​ we’d lose the​ no claims discount .​
Our premiums would go sky high after that,​ they were already high enough as​ it​ is,​ at​ £305 a​ year .​
I​ realised that I​ really should look for a​ cheaper Home & Contents policy at​ the​ time of​ renewal,​ and promised myself to​ do that in​ future.
After the​ investigations I​ had made so far,​ I​ realised that £27.50 for a​ travel policy wasn’t actually too bad.
I’ve never been one to​ rest on​ my laurels though .​
I​ might have decided that travel insurance was a​ good idea,​ but it​ didn’t mean I​ was willing to​ accept the​ price quoted by the​ travel agent.
I went online to​ get some more quotes .​
The first two or​ three sites I​ looked at​ couldn’t give me what I​ wanted,​ but 10 minutes later,​ I​ struck gold .​
I​ found a​ single trip travel policy for the​ UK,​ and it​ was a​ good £10 cheaper than the​ travel agent’s quote.
I read the​ small print,​ no point signing up without knowing all the​ facts .​
I​ was pleased to​ see all the​ points I​ had listed were covered.
Now the​ exclusions – was it​ all too good to​ be true after all? Phew – no need to​ worry .​
If the​ holiday was less than 25 miles from our home address,​ or​ for less than 2 nights,​ then we wouldn’t be covered .​
No problem there .​
Otherwise the​ only downside was that we’d have to​ pay the​ £30 if​ we needed to​ make a​ claim .​
Fair enough.
Happy with the​ policy I’d found and with the​ decision that we did need travel insurance after all,​ I​ bought the​ travel insurance policy there and then.

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