Travel Insurance Fraud Don T Let It Happen To You

Travel Insurance Fraud,​ Don't Let It Happen to​ You
The California Insurance Commissioner has ordered Trip Assured to​ stop doing business in​ the​ state of​ California .​
This Tennessee-based travel insurance company was apparently defrauding companies .​
But Trip Assured claims that what they were selling in​ California was not travel insurance .​
The Commissioner finds their claim undeniable since what they were selling could easily fall into the​ insurance category or​ definition .​
Trip Assured 's main marketing target is​ senior citizens.
California decided to​ take action once notice was taken that other states like Michigan,​ Texas,​ Florida,​ and North Carolina were taking similar actions against Trip Assured .​
Upon further research,​ Trip Assured denied 30 claims in​ California and there were 76 claims filed against them (in the​ last 36 months) with the​ Better Business Bureau (BBB) .​
However the​ BBB states that those claims were addressed by Trip Assured although those that filed the​ claims would not agree with that assessment of​ the​ situation .​
There are also other travel insurance companies that have claims filed against them which is​ unfortunate since the​ travel insurance industry is​ growing rapidly,​ especially for those expensive vacation trips .​
The BBB in​ Tennessee has now revoked their (Trip Assured) membership - you​ would think that would mean something since the​ company is​ based in​ Tennessee.
Here is​ an​ example from one of​ the​ claims made against Trip Assured .​
Sylvia Resnick is​ a​ senior citizen that booked a​ trip just for herself to​ Europe as​ well as​ a​ cruise while in​ Europe .​
She purchased Trip Assured through her travel agency at​ the​ time of​ booking the​ trip .​
It had taken her a​ long time to​ save up for the​ vacation that was to​ be that trip of​ a​ lifetime .​
During the​ vacation,​ she suffered serious back injuries and had to​ cancel the​ cruise .​
As soon as​ she arrived home she saw her doctor and obtained a​ doctor’s note that stated that she could not continue with the​ cruise due to​ the​ injury .​
As required by the​ policy she sent that note to​ Trip Assured expecting to​ be paid out under the​ terms of​ the​ agreement .​
It came as​ a​ total shock when they denied her claim and thus did not return her money.
There are two questions here .​
The first is​ why would an​ insurance company that is​ supposedly aimed at​ satisfying their clients put this senior citizen through this? the​ second question is​ how could the​ BBB view this situation (and situations just like this) as​ resulting in​ a​ satisfactory outcome?
Be very careful the​ next time you​ invest in​ trip insurance .​
For those of​ you​ who have already purchased Trip Assured,​ you​ can contact their bank .​
It is​ First National Bank of​ Tennessee and the​ hotline number is​ 931-707-3561,​ but that hotline is​ only effective for MasterCard customers,​ but call nonetheless to​ see what non-MasterCard customers should do .​
Hours of​ operation are 6 am .​
to​ 2:30 pm .​
Pacific Time .​
If you​ want to​ make a​ complaint,​ contact the​ state Department of​ Insurance at​ 800-927-4357 or​ you​ can file a​ complaint online at​

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