Travel Insurance Do I Need Insurance For A Holiday In The Uk

Travel Insurance Do I Need Insurance For A Holiday In The Uk

Travel Insurance do I ​ need insurance for a​ holiday in​ the​ UK?
Last week my wife and I ​ booked a​ two centre holiday on​ the​ Scottish Isles. Seven days on​ Skye and then a​ ferry over to​ Steornabhagh for a​ further seven days on​ the​ Isle of​ Lewis. Wonderful scenery,​ plenty of​ walks and masses of​ peace and quiet.
You could have blown me over when my local travel agent assumed that I ​ wanted travel insurance for an additional £27. 50. Not on​ your Nellie the​ Lock Ness monster,​ I ​ thought. Who needs travel insurance for a​ holiday in​ Britain? the​ National Health Service is​ free and in​ an emergency,​ my son could drive up and bring us home.
Later in​ the​ relaxing setting of​ my sitting room I ​ got to​ thinking …………. .
Holiday misfortunes dont only happen abroad. So with my pessimistic hat on,​ I ​ made a​ note of​ the​ risks
Some rotter might steal our luggage
Last week I ​ bought an all singing and dancing digital camera especially for the​ trip. Got it​ on​ the​ Internet. I ​ might lose it​ whilst away.
If either of​ us were hospitalised we wouldnt want to​ be marooned on​ Skye. Wed want to​ transfer to​ our local hospital in​ Warwickshire.
My wifes parents are getting on. God forbid,​ but Id have to​ cancel the​ holiday if​ something happened to​ them just before were due to​ go.
One of​ us could be taken ill before we depart and wed be forced to​ cancel. as​ the​ ferries and the​ hotels were noncancellable,​ wed lose everything wed paid.
There may be a​ major delay at​ the​ ferry going over to​ the​ Isle of​ Lewis. Besides the​ inconvenience,​ we have to​ arrange an extra overnight stay on​ Skye.
One of​ us might be called up for jury service.
Then it​ struck me. if​ I ​ were holidaying in​ the​ Britain,​ my existing Home and Contents policy might cover me for loss of​ my camera or​ luggage. I ​ dug out the​ policy document. Lucky I ​ did. I ​ was only insured for personal possessions if​ they were listed and as​ Id just bought my digital camera I ​ hadnt got round to​ listing it​ as​ a​ valuable item on​ my policy.
Another aspect struck me. Id lose my no claims discount if​ I ​ made a​ holiday related claim on​ my Home & Contents policy. That wouldnt be a​ good idea. Ive got a​ ten year claims free record that policy and it​ still cost me £310 a​ year. I ​ jotted down a​ another note remember,​ when the​ policy comes up for renewal,​ see if​ I ​ could get it​ cheaper on​ the​ Internet.
By now a​ travel policy at​ £27. 50 for was looking worthwhile after all.
Now my wife says Im a​ bit of​ an old skin flint. So keep up the​ image! I ​ know,​ get back online and check out the​ travel agents policy at​ £27. 50. is​ it​ competitive?
Not all the​ web sites I ​ surfed could offer me a​ single trip travel policy for a​ holiday within the​ UK but within ten minutes Id found what I ​ wanted and a​ saving of​ over £10!
Time to​ study the​ small print to​ confirm I ​ had the​ cover I ​ wanted. Great,​ all the​ risks I ​ had noted were covered. the​ insurer would even pay out £30 if​ my ferry was delayed for up to​ 12 hours and then give me the​ option to​ cancel my trip to​ the​ Isle of​ Lewis and get my money back.
Now what wouldnt they pay for? I ​ wasnt covered if​ my holiday was for less than two nights or​ my hotel was less than 25 miles away from home. I ​ also had to​ meet the​ first £30 of​ any claim. Seemed fair to​ me.
The decision was made. Simply type in​ my credit card details and I ​ was insured in​ a​ CLICK.
Peace of​ mind restored!

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