Travel Guard Insurance

Travel Guard Insurance
Run by AIG,​ the​ world's leading financial services and international insurance organization,​ Travel Guard Insurance is​ one of​ the​ few companies you​ can bank on​ for dependable travel insurance service .​
Boasting real 24/7 customer service,​ Travel Guard Insurance makes use of​ its World Service Center to​ attend to​ emergency calls round the​ clock .​
For the​ travel insurance industry,​ this type of​ service is​ essential because one phone call may literally mean saving a​ life.
If you're still having second thoughts on​ whether to​ get travel insurance or​ not before embarking on​ your next trip,​ consider this: Let's say a​ huge blizzard forces you​ to​ cancel trip for a​ reason that's one of​ those stipulated in​ the​ policy .​
The airline offers to​ guarantee you​ a​ seat on​ the​ next plane that's cleared for travel,​ but the​ delay would render your trip useless .​
This means that without travel insurance,​ something that's as​ unavoidable as​ inclement weather could mean money down the​ drain for you​ .​
If you've purchased non-refundable tickets,​ you​ won't be able to​ get a​ single cent out of​ the​ cancellation,​ and that's not counting the​ time,​ money,​ and effort wasted falling in​ line and arranging for your trip in​ the​ first place .​
Travel Guard Insurance has more than 6 million travel insurance clients who now feel safe and secure after purchasing one or​ more of​ their different packages .​
It's important to​ carefully choose which package or​ plan is​ best for you,​ as​ not all plans are appropriate for all people.
One of​ Travel Guard Insurance's Plans,​ called the​ All-Inclusive,​ is​ their basic plan that can cover anyone from age 0 to​ 69 .​
Some of​ the​ benefits included in​ this package are: accidental death and dismemberment; trip delays,​ interruptions,​ or​ cancellations; 24/7 emergency medical assistance; damaged,​ delayed,​ or​ lost baggage; and emergency illnesses or​ accidents.
A policy that is​ unique to​ Travel Guard Insurance is​ their Protect Assist plan – ideal for individuals who are traveling on​ a​ limited budget .​
It offers general protection at​ a​ reasonable price .​
Make sure that your Travel Guard Insurance representative explains to​ you​ all the​ features and limitations of​ this policy that you​ need to​ know.
For those who are traveling in​ a​ group,​ Travel Guard Insurance offers the​ Travel America Plan which covers a​ lot of​ important items relevant to​ traveling by air or​ by car .​
It provides for up to​ a​ year's worth of​ medical insurance after an​ illness,​ provided that the​ initial treatment was given during your insured trip .​
For more info see on​ Travel Insurance For Backpackers.
To know the​ policy best suited for your needs,​ go online and search for client feedback on​ Travel Guard Insurance's services .​
It's always better to​ hear from an​ unbiased individual so you​ would be able to​ do an​ objective comparison shopping of​ policies .​
After all,​ you're putting good money into whatever type of​ travel insurance you'd eventually avail of.

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