Transportation Of Formula One Racing Equipment

Transportation Of Formula One Racing Equipment

Transportation of​ Formula One Racing Equipment
Much of​ the​ work surrounding successful Formula One racing teams is​ done behind the​ scenes .​
Spectators seldom wonder how the​ cars and​ all of​ their accompanying equipment arrive at​ the​ Grand Prix circuit or​ what is​ involved in​ getting them there .​
Transportation is​ a​ key component of​ Formula One racing although it​ is​ seldom considered.
The transport department of​ a​ Formula One racing team is​ responsible for​ making certain that every aspect of​ moving the​ team and​ equipment from one location to​ the​ other is​ handled smoothly .​
the​ transport department must excel at​ handling small details perfectly .​
They coordinate couriers and​ deliveries as​ well as​ making certain every necessary travel arrangement is​ completed.
Transportation to​ European Formula One racing locations is​ primarily handled with by truck .​
the​ individual truck convoys are operated by each Formula One racing team .​
Teams also bring along motor homes and​ kitchens for​ the​ comfort of​ team members present at​ the​ race.
Moving a​ Formula One racing team from one circuit to​ another is​ not an​ easy task but becomes more complicated when the​ races are held on different continents .​
With races scattered around the​ globe teams must efficiently transport nearly tons of​ gear .​
When the​ Formula One racing series moves to​ Grand Prix locations outside of​ Europe the​ overall transportation needs are organized by Formula One Management (FOM).
Equipment is​ transported in​ chartered jumbo jets .​
Formula One racing teams based in​ England depart from London and​ those from the​ continent depart from Milan .​
the​ expense to​ transport everything needed for​ a​ Formula One race is​ expensive .​
Like airline passengers who must observe luggage weight requirements, Formula One racing teams are limited to​ ten tons of​ free freight .​
Fees are charged to​ teams for​ all weight above the​ limit.
The Concorde Agreement governs Formula One racing .​
the​ Concorde Agreement contains a​ formula that allows teams to​ receive a​ transportation subsidy based on performance at​ the​ end of​ the​ season .​
Competition for​ transportation subsidy funds is​ another incentive to​ keep Formula One racing teams pushing their cars to​ the​ limit.
The list of​ equipment a​ Formula One racing team must transport to​ a​ race is​ overwhelming .​
the​ Formula One racing cars are transported in​ specially designed frames to​ prevent damage .​
Special containers are used to​ transport fuel and​ oil that meet FIA regulations .​

FOM must coordinate the​ transportation of​ the​ TV broadcasting equipment totaling over 50 tons .​
In addition, the​ testing equipment that FIA needs at​ each race must be transported and​ rebuilt at​ each Formula One racing venue .​

While FOM handles the​ overall logistics for​ transportation of​ the​ Formula One racing team equipment, each team's transport department is​ responsible for​ the​ details that make travel successful .​
They verify that travel tickets have been arranged and​ worry about passport issues .​
the​ logistics team is​ part travel agency and​ part deliver service.
When races are scheduled just a​ week apart the​ Formula One racing team's logistic specialists make sure that the​ equipment is​ moved and​ reassembled at​ the​ new location in​ less than 72 hours .​
While they work behind the​ scenes and​ are seldom recognized, the​ efforts of​ Formula One racing's transport departments are key to​ a​ winning season.

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