Traffic Let Your Web Hosting Company Be Your Guide

Traffic Let Your Web Hosting Company Be Your Guide

Presumably you have a​ website because you want people to​ visit it. Visitors are traffic. and​ generating a​ constant flow of​ fresh traffic, both unique and​ repeat visitors, will take up more of​ your energies than probably any other website-related task, including website maintenance and​ sales. it​ is​ with this imperative in​ mind that web hosting companies have begun offering their customers assistance in​ generating that traffic.

URL Submission
One of​ the​ most basic and​ common ways that web hosting companies help you get traffic to​ your site is​ by offering to​ submit your URL for​ you to​ the​ major search engines, such as​ Google or​ Ask Jeeves, for​ free. While this is​ certainly a​ nice convenience, submitting your URL to​ the​ major search engines is​ already free and​ doesn’t take all that much time. So to​ impress you with their traffic generating wiles, a​ web hosting company is​ going to​ have to​ do more than just this.

That said, some web hosting companies include with their free URL submission services, free submission not only to​ search engines but to​ directory websites (web portals), classified pages, and​ blogs. That’s a​ bit more useful, as​ your time can be much better spent. Just make sure you know exactly where the​ web hosting company does submit your URL to​ and​ where it​ does not.

And it’s not as​ simple as​ submitting your URL once to​ each place and​ leaving it​ at​ that. to​ remain competitive (not to​ mention relevant), you’ll need to​ resubmit your URL to​ each place on a​ recurring basis. Conversely, however, it​ is​ frowned upon and​ may even be detrimental to​ your traffic-generating efforts, to​ resubmit your site too often or​ too frequently. if​ your web hosting company offers free URL submission services, find out how often they resubmit it​ to​ each place and​ what guidelines they use to​ set their submission schedule.

Search Engine Optimization
Many web hosting companies offer free Search Engine Optimization tools and​ tips with their web hosting services. the​ object of​ SEO is​ to​ catapult your free listings on the​ major search engines to​ the​ top of​ the​ first page of​ results for​ your chosen keywords. There are a​ number of​ excellent methods for​ using SEO to​ dramatically increase traffic to​ your website, including website review and​ SEO analysis, keyword and​ keyword phrase suggestion and​ selection, and​ header/footer/meta-tag generation.

Any web hosting company that offers free SEO tools with their web hosting packages is​ well worth considering.

Reciprocal Linking
Web hosting companies may also offer Reciprocal Linking services, where they help you find other sites that already receive the​ targeted traffic you desire and​ arrange to​ post a​ link to​ each other’s site on your own respective sites. This is​ another of​ the​ most effective and​ beneficial free forms of​ targeted lead generation. if​ a​ web hosting company offers you free reciprocal linking assistance, it’s a​ definite plus.

Tracking and​ Reports
Quite possibly the​ most valuable traffic tool a​ web hosting company can provide you is​ tracking. and​ simple click tracking (tracking how many clicks your homepage/landing page gets) isn’t enough. You want to​ know and​ compare the​ number of​ unique visitors and​ repeat visitors. You want to​ know the​ paths visitors took clicking through your site. and​ you want to​ know your conversion rate, or​ how many of​ each type of​ visit resulted in​ a​ signup or​ a​ sale.

The best web hosting companies won’t merely track these statistics for​ you, but they’ll generate reports comparing and​ evaluating the​ results and​ making suggestions on how to​ improve your traffic generating campaign.

The benefits of​ heavy traffic (namely: more traffic) don’t come just by getting people to​ click to​ your site; you also have to​ keep them there. One of​ the​ best ways to​ hold a​ visitor’s interest is​ with interesting content relevant to​ what they’re looking for.

Many web hosting companies will help you create compelling and​ relevant content to​ post at​ your site which will serve to​ key ends; it​ will captivate visitors to​ stay at​ your site (and even click around to​ explore more of​ what you’ve got) and it​ will give you better and​ better search engine rankings.

Website Building
With that in​ mind, don’t underestimate the​ power of​ a​ well-designed website. People don’t spend much time on a​ site that’s unattractive, error-filled (whether textual or​ graphical) or​ difficult to​ navigate. at​ the​ absolute least, a​ web hosting company should give you a​ website editor/builder that helps you design the​ kind of​ website loved by search engines and​ visitors alike.

Traffic Let Your Web Hosting Company Be Your Guide

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