Traffic Exchange Programs Adapt For Success

Is surfing for​ hits a​ waste of​ your time? is​ spending money as​ a​ Pro member of​ any traffic exchange program ever worth its monthly fee? if​ you are using a​ hit exchange program and​ are starting to​ wonder if​ you are heading in​ the​ wrong direction, then the​ following information may allow you to​ adapt your marketing strategy to​ fully utilize the​ power of​ traffic exchanges and​ find greater success.

Lack of​ “targeted traffic” is​ the​ most common complaint heard about hit exchange programs. it​ is​ said that many hit surfers are not paying attention to​ other offers, but merely “clicking’ for​ more credits.

What is​ the​ easiest way to​ conquer this problem?

Generate your own targeted traffic by engaging the​ surfer directly! Develop a​ simple, yet effective landing page that catches the​ surfer’s attention and​ clearly spells out your message. the​ faster the​ page loads, the​ less clutter and​ external pages, the​ more likely you are to​ make a​ conversion.

Not making any sales?

Use this time to​ capture their name, not their credit card. Most Internet users are not comfortable buying a​ product the​ first time they see the​ offer online. Add to​ the​ fact that you have 30 seconds or​ less to​ convince them they should buy your product and​ it​ is​ pretty far fetched to​ think you will make a​ lot of​ direct sales.

Gathering contact information to​ use in​ a​ follow up message series is​ the​ most effective use of​ your time in​ front of​ the​ surfer. Capturing leads allows you to​ not only promote to​ them on an​ ongoing basis but builds the​ trust you need to​ make the​ sale as​ well.

Wasting too much time?

Earning credits can be time consuming, but it​ is​ ultimately what makes the​ process effective. Break up your surfing into smaller portions. Keep one browser window open and​ whenever you get a​ minute or​ two, surf a​ few pages. it​ will keep earning hits from becoming monotonous and​ frustrating. Supplementing your surfing with a​ paid or​ Pro membership also allows you more freedom to​ break up the​ process simply because you do not need to​ worry about running out of​ credits.

Offering a​ Replicated Website?

Many hit programs members are promoting a​ site that replicates for​ each new member. Because there is​ no option to​ change the​ website and​ the​ competition is​ far greater due to​ sheer numbers of​ the​ same promotion, many get frustrated by their lack of​ success.

My suggestion is​ to​ try one of​ the​ many smaller hit exchange programs available. if​ you break away from the​ few widely known traffic exchanges and​ enter new territory, you may find a​ wider variety of​ promotions and​ greater success of​ your website converting leads.

Free traffic can be a​ very ineffective method of​ Internet marketing if​ you are approaching it​ incorrectly. Adapting your marketing strategies to​ target the​ audience is​ very easy to​ implement will allow you to​ see improvement in​ your lead conversions and​ future sales. Take the​ time today to​ implement these procedures and​ discover the​ true profit potential in​ traffic exchange programs.

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