Traditional Tonneau Cover By Gaylords Review

First let me give a​ brief description of​ the Gaylord’s traditional tonneau cover and list some of​ its features. The Gaylord’s traditional tonneau cover is​ constructed of​ fiberglass. You can order them in​ black or​ custom painted to​ match the color of​ your pickup truck and give it​ a​ factory look.

The traditional lid has a​ stainless steel crossbar and lock system. The two locks are self-tightening compression-type that helps ensure a​ watertight seal and add security to​ your cargo area. This tonneau cover by Gaylord’s also comes with two gas struts to​ help with opening and keeps the lid from slamming closed. The traditional tonneau cover comes with a​ lifetime warranty for the fiberglass structure and the paint and 2 years on the working parts. I myself think this is​ a​ very fair warranty.

The traditional tonneau cover by Gaylord’s also comes available with a​ speedsturr wing on the back which adds a​ more sporty and racy look to​ your pickup truck.

Some previous buyers of​ this truck bed cover have such comments as​ how great the truck bed cover looks on their truck and how happy they were with the paint job on the truck lid. I haven’t found very much in​ the line of​ negative comments about the traditional tonneau cover by Gaylord’s.

A few points you may want to​ think about before purchasing this truck bed cover.

The hinged fiberglass tonneau cover would be great if​ you are looking for great weather and security protection as​ far as​ tonneau covers go.

If you use your truck for hunting, fishing, going for groceries or​ other such uses where you want quick easy access to​ your truck bed or​ if​ you want a​ very sharp look for your truck, or​ with the speedsturr wing, a​ sporty, racy look, the traditional tonneau cover by Gaylords would be a​ great choice to​ make.

If you use your truck for larger, high cargo loads, this truck bed lid would not be such a​ great choice for you. if​ your loads are usually higher than your truck rails, look for a​ tonneau cover such as​ a​ roll up cover, folding tonneau cover or​ a​ retractable truck bed cover.

This truck bed cover comes highly recommended by previous buyers. Overall, as​ far as​ quality and looks go, the traditional tonneau cover by Gaylord’s would be a​ very good purchase for your truck bed.

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