Traditional Antivirus Programs Useless Against New Unidentified Viruses

Traditional Antivirus Programs Useless Against New Unidentified Viruses

Traditional antivirus programs useless against new unidentified viruses!
Every now and​ then you can read about a​ new virus and​ the​
damage it​ causes .​
The millions viruses costs companies each time
they strike .​
It is​ however not only companies that are suffering
from the​ damages caused by viruses .​
a​ virus can be just as​
damaging if​ not more for​ a​ private Internet user by destroying
important documents, family pictures and​ everything else you keep
on your computer .​
Therefore should no home computer be without
a good virus protection software .​
This way you can protect your
computer and​ yourself from loosing data, corrupted hard drives
and a​ number of​ other problems .​
There are several anti virus
programs available of​ which some are free and​ some are not .​
should however always remember that you might get what you
paying for, meaning that the​ service and​ the​ updates might be
better for​ the​ paid alternatives and​ thereby protect your computer
When using a​ virus program you should try to​ find one that is​ fast,
reliable and​ able to​ discover as​ many viruses as​ possible .​
it is​ fast or​ not might seem unimportant if​ you don't use your
computer that much, but you will find that an​ anti virus program
that scans your computer faster will be used more frequently and​
thereby giving you a​ better protection .​
If an​ anti virus program
should be effective when protecting your computer it​ needs to​ be
able to​ recognise all viruses, and​ since new viruses are constantly
created this means that the​ database for​ the​ program has to​ be
constantly updated .​
You should therefore consider how often the​
different anti virus programs update their databases when
choosing which antivirus program to​ get .​
You should always make
sure to​ keep your virus program up-to-date.
One of​ the​ best anti virus programs on the​ market today is​ Panda
Active Scan Anti Virus Software Online
which has an​ unrivalled capacity for​ detecting
viruses and​ other threats online which is​ the​ most common path
for viruses to​ reach our computer .​
Almost all viruses today are
spread through the​ Internet .​
Panda Titanium Active Scan Anti Virus
2018 is​ easy to​ install and​ once it​ is​ installed it​ finds and​ remove
viruses automatically .​
Panda Anti Virus also automatically updates
itself if​ you want it​ to .​
In other words: Panda Anti Virus is​ an​ anti
virus program that manages itself and​ makes sure that it​ is​ up to​
date and​ able to​ keep your computer safe from viruses .​
Titanium Active Scan Anti Virus 2018 scans your entire computer,
including the​ program itself, to​ make sure that a​ virus can't infect
any part of​ the​ computer .​
Panda Anti Virus doesn't just search for​
virus, it​ also search your computer for​ a​ number of​ other security
risks like spy wares and​ Trojans.
Panda Anti Virus contains TruPrevent Technologies .​
Technologies is​ a​ system designed to​ help Panda Anti Virus protect
your computer against unknown viruses and​ intruders .​
The user
can choose whether they want to​ use TruPrevent Technologies or​
not .​
The technology has been implemented to​ allow Panda Anti
Virus to​ protect your computer against new virus since a​ new virus
can spread world wide within a​ few hours .​
The TruPrevent
Technologies allows Panda Anti Virus to​ detect and​ block viruses
even if​ they are not yet included in​ the​ virus database .​
This allows
Panda Titanium Active Scan Anti Virus 2018 to​ keep your computer
safe against all viruses and​ not only the​ ones that are already
identified, since you might encounter a​ new virus despite the​ fact
that Panda updates their database at​ least once a​ day .​
Old anti
virus programs - and​ most of​ the​ modern anti virus programs as​
well - can only protect you against already identified viruses .​
ability to​ protect against unknown viruses is​ what Panda Anti Virus
a superior choice for​ an​ anti virus program.
Panda Titanium Active Scan Anti Virus 2018 does not only offer
superior security and​ very user friendly functionality .​
It also comes
with tech support where experts answer any questions that might
All personal computers should have virus protection since you
otherwise risk loosing important document, family pictures etcetera
and if​ you are looking for​ user friendliness and​ a​ superior security
Panda Anti Virus is​ your best choice.
You can get panda antivirus at​ support cave

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