Traditional And Non Traditional Methods Of Obtaining Guaranteed Web Site Traffic

Traditional And Non Traditional Methods Of Obtaining Guaranteed Web
Site Traffic

According to​ many online business owners, there seems to​ be a​ multiplicity of​ methods for​ obtaining guaranteed web site traffic and​ some are considered to​ be “traditional” and​ others fall in​ the​ realm of​ “non-traditional”. Although there is​ no real debate as​ to​ which methods are superior, it’s obvious that two schools of​ thought exists as​ online business professionals tend to​ pursue these two avenues of​ traffic generation. the​ good news for​ web site owners centers on knowing that both sides are stocked with viable options.

List building is​ considered to​ be a​ more traditional approach to​ obtaining increased web site traffic and​ it​ is​ reasonable to​ assume that this method is​ still considered to​ be the​ number one strategy. Kim Farrell, a​ successful online marketer relies heavily on her three email lists and​ regards this strategy as​ her lifeblood of​ the​ business. “When I started selling online more than two years ago, I didn’t think a​ list was going to​ be of​ any help. My thinking changed after attending a​ seminar for​ online workers and​ decided to​ give it​ a​ try. Six months after building my first list, sales shot up by more than six hundred percent. I was astounded at​ the​ results and​ now I have three lists that receive my attention nearly every day”. Farrell’s newly discovered dedication to​ list building has certainly worked in​ her favor.

Google Adwords is​ another traditional method that affords a​ web site owner to​ buy targeted traffic. This option can become expensive, but the​ reward may consist of​ immense volumes of​ traffic. Todd Clark has been using Adwords for​ more than four years. “I have always been impressed with the​ traffic that I get from Adwords. the​ expense is​ worth it​ in​ my opinion”. Clark’s success comes with an​ expensive service, but his rewards are far superior and​ the​ results are certainly worth the​ time and​ effort.

Non-traditional methods are effective too and​ are widely embraced amongst the​ throngs of​ internet marketers. Cindy Colvin enjoys the​ steady stream of​ traffic that comes from HubPages and​ Squidoo. “My business sites are doing well because of​ places like HubPages, Squidoo, and​ MySpace. Most of​ my email lists of​ loyal customers have come from these sites and​ I will continue to​ use them”. Squidoo and​ HubPages continue to​ enjoy a​ loyal following with online business owners and​ these portals can fit nicely within a​ company’s budget.

Bookmarking scripts have become a​ staple of​ the​ non-traditional internet market and​ are also gaining traction with traditionalists as​ well. Having a​ script that reads “Bookmark Us” or​ “Make Us Your Homepage” is​ considered to​ be a​ savvy investment. Carl Angelotti added bookmarking scripts to​ his business sites and​ describes his experience. “I’ve added these scripts in​ recent months and​ thought nothing would really happen. Well, something did happen – customers seemed to​ like it​ and​ I’ve had some increase in​ sales. These scripts work”. Bookmarking scripts are rarely used, but consideration should be given to​ using such a​ tactic.

The traditional and​ non-traditional methods obtaining guaranteed web site traffic are based on sound business principles and​ online professionals should consider using a​ mix these preferred options. as​ the​ online business world continues to​ expand, more methods of​ traffic generation will, undoubtedly, continue to​ emerge.

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