Tracking Your Emails With Mailtracking.Com

Tracking Your Emails With Mailtracking.Com

I'm going to​ tell you about a​ great service I use a​ lot and I'd like to​ see you use it​ too. Its free and it​ has lots of​ benefits and advantages.

It is​ to​ be found at​ mailtracking and once you sign up for it​ and start using it​ you will understand its benefits real well.

If you use it​ and send me an​ email (for example) you will get a​ report back that tells you when I opened your email, how long it​ took me to​ read it​ and if​ I open it, read it​ and close it​ then open it​ again later it​ wil also tell you that.

If I were to​ forward your email to​ anyone else it​ would tell you I did that, when that person opened it​ and how long they took to​ read it.

There are other bells and whistles too. You can do a​ pretty fair job of​ customization once you get into the configuration menus.

The one thing you want to​ watch out for is​ that you don't demand that I send you an​ email receipt for opening your emails. Some of​ you do that now and I never hit the send button. The reason I don't acknowledge receipt is​ that my firewall won't let me do it​ for some strange reason. With mailtracking you don't need that because you are going to​ get a​ receipt anyway.

Now then, let me explain the whys and wherefores bit more. Let us assume that you send me an​ email and I don't answer it. Why would I ignore your emails? Well, I usually wouldn't but sometimes when deleting some to​ the junk emails I get a​ “key bounce” effect and more than one email gets deleted. The one that got unintentionly deleted might very well have been your email. I probably would not have any way of​ responding to​ you since I don't keep email address books because of​ the virus problems.

Then maybe I don't get back to​ you because I'm extremely busy from time to​ time and your email gets shoved down the stack of​ constantly incoming emails and goes by unnoticed, and you don't get the service we both want you to​ have.

Now then, with mail tracking you know exactly when I opened your email or​ if​ I didn't even open it. You know that I want to​ give you the very best service possible and you know that I want to​ get your email answered within 24 hours if​ at​ all possible. That means that if​ I don't answer you within 24 hours something has gone wrong. What might have gone wrong? as​ we all know, anything can go wrong with email. You make a​ typo and I don't get it​ but for whatever reason you don't get a​ mailer daemon return from it, So there you sit, getting madder by the hour. And I am oblivious to​ what has happened.

If you use service lots of​ that frustration can be eliminated. You can send me another email if​ I don't answer within 24 hours so you can be sure to​ get my attention and some action going for you.

If I open the email you will know when I opened it​ and if​ I don't get back to​ you within 24 hours you will know it​ is​ time to​ start calling me or​ asking me what for and why.

Use it​ for sending email to​ other businesses for the same reasons. And use it​ with friends, relatives and whoever for the same reasons. it​ isn't about trying to​ track them down or​ stalk anyone although you could come pretty close with the pro version I use. I could not use it​ to​ find your house and actually drive right up to​ your front door except by accident. in​ order to​ actually do that I would have to​ know your actual address but lacking that I could drive right up to​ your door, sit there in​ front of​ your house and look around me and wonder which house was really yours and not know I was sitting right in​ front of​ it. And why on earth would I want to​ do that anyway?

I use it​ because I want to​ know that you got what I sent you and so why wouldn't you use it​ for the same reason?

I think it​ can be used when sending payments by paypal too. I'd like you to​ start trying to​ use it​ when sending in​ a​ payment. That would make sure you sent it​ to​ and not to​ or​ some other bad address and if​ you did that you would have a​ way to​ track the mistake and get your money back faster so you can send it​ to​ the right address.

You don't even have to​ sign up for their service to​ start using it. All you have to​ do is​ send an​ email to​ someone such as​ and mailtracker will immediately pick up on that and send you back a​ confirmation telling you that they opened a​ free temporary account for you. Then you can follow the links in​ that and go sign up and customize your settings and start using it. Their pro version is​ only about $40 a​ year and I think that is​ well worth it​ when you send out as​ many emails as​ I do.

Security and service are important to​ all of​ us and this tool heightens both of​ those a​ whole lot. Get it​ and try it. I think you will like it.

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