Toys The Tools Of Joy

Toys The Tools Of Joy

Can any one claim he or​ she has not played with toys as​ a​ child? it​ is​ not for nothing that it​ has become a​ multi billion dollar global industry. Why children like toys? the​ playful joy they realize in​ the​ company of​ toys underpins the​ effective psycho-physical development. Children just love toys.

Toys for Different Age Groups
No surprise,​ toys are available for children of​ every age group. Toys designed for tiny toddlers don’t interest older children. Moreover,​ features and safety features vary in​ increasing order as​ the​ age group.

Safety Considerations
Federal Government and different state governments have enacted appropriate laws. Manufacturers under certification of​ registration must declare “that material used in​ such toys shall be new and free from dangerous or​ harmful substances; providing for disinfection of​ such material containing products of​ animal origin; and prescribing penalties.

Lots of​ Them!
Most top selling toys are based on​ popular characters. Superman,​ Batman,​ and Disney characters are a​ few examples barring the​ typical Barbies.

Disney characters are by far the​ most popular ones among children along with the​ famous ‘Teddy Bear’. Children identify these characters immediately from a​ distance which they want to​ associate with. if​ you want to​ check how thick their association is,​ try denying them a​ new toy and you will know immediately from the​ sudden outbursts.

You can see a​ pattern in​ choice of​ toys,​ too. Tiny toddlers are drawn towards non-moving,​ stationary toys which go well with them. Kitchen sets and stuffed toys fall into this category. as​ they grow a​ couple of​ years,​ their world of​ interest changes to​ powered/non-powered moving cars,​ bikes or​ even trains. Spring wound band master,​ remote controlled cars; dogs become a​ rage by the​ time they dream of​ owning a​ toy gun.

As a​ parent you must notice,​ by this age,​ that a​ girl child’s interests bifurcate from that of​ a​ boy’s. if​ boy likes to​ drive paddling or​ battery cars,​ girls are more inclined towards domestic things like rocking horses,​ set of​ mother-baby dolls,​ furniture sets etc.

As a​ rule of​ thumb,​ girls turn away from toys earlier than boys. Boys may continue to​ play with war games and toys of​ warriors of​ famous characters for a​ few more years with a​ likely gun in​ their hand.

Toys keep you engaged without age barrier,​ once they awaken the​ child within you.

Toys The Tools Of Joy

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