Toy Shopping

Toy Shopping

Toy shopping
Here it​ comes – that time of​ the​ year .​
The time of​ the​ year when all kids are starting to​ make their Christmas lists and​ making sure their parents are up to​ date on all of​ the​ newest technologies and​ toys .​
It is​ also the​ time of​ the​ year when stores put more emphasis on advertising and​ making sure that everyone knows that their prices and​ sales are better than their competitors .​
For some parents, such as​ myself, it​ is​ the​ season for​ toy shopping .​
I​ don’t enjoy it .​
My daughter has already started noticing all of​ the​ toys that the​ TV stations are advertising .​
She can’t write very well yet, but she’s made sure that I​ have already started a​ Christmas list for​ her .​
So it​ begins, toy shopping .​
Some parents will do it​ solely online .​
Some parents will wait in​ huge lines when the​ stores announce that a​ brand new, ever so popular toy hits the​ shelves .​
I​ have several friends who start doing their toy shopping the​ second that Halloween decorations disappear from the​ stores .​
Usually, they’re completely done with everything by the​ time Thanksgiving rolls around .​
Toy shopping can become rather competitive too .​
Those who have camped out on sidewalks in​ the​ rain and​ wind just to​ get one of​ the​ few toys that the​ stores have on the​ shelves for​ a​ few seconds, know exactly what that means .​
Friendly banter that takes place while waiting in​ line disappears the​ moment those stores open their doors .​
Suddenly, it​ is​ every man for​ himself and​ people are diving across the​ aisles for​ the​ last toy on the​ shelf .​
Toy shopping can become a​ total nightmare .​
If you’re lucky enough to​ get the​ great deals and​ hot toys online, toy shopping can be a​ piece of​ cake .​
That’s how I​ tend to​ do my shopping .​
On Black Friday, I​ can be sitting happily in​ my house, wearing my comfortable pajamas and​ getting all of​ my presents delivered right to​ my doorstep .​
I​ usually get the​ same sales that people in​ the​ stores are getting, I​ just don’t have the​ advantage of​ examining the​ toys in​ my hand .​
However, I​ also don’t have to​ carry around heavy packages, fight for​ parking spaces and​ spend entirely too much
time waiting in​ lines .​
So, when my daughter adds a​ few more things to​ her Christmas list every time she watches TV and​ circles some new toys in​ the​ flyers that the​ stores place in​ local newspapers, I’ll be able to​ scope them out on the​ internet .​
And all of​ my toy shopping will be done online .​

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