Tourist Guide To Gran Canaria

Tourist Guide To Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is​ one of​ the Canary Islands and a​ popular holiday destination. The Canaries are a​ small group of​ Spanish Islands located in​ the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 200km off the Northwest coast of​ Africa. Gran Canaria is​ a​ volcanic island with very dramatic and unique scenery. The Canaries are a​ popular winter holiday choice for Europeans due to​ the year round warm temperatures and frequent sunny days.

A Short History of​ Gran Canaria

After many conflicting battles between European companies on who owns the Canary Islands, the Spanish finally won and made claim to​ them. Apart from being a​ travelling stopover for famous adventurers such as​ Christopher Columbus, the Canaries were not really used for much. However, in​ the fifties people began to​ discover the physical and mental benefits of​ the sun and from this point, tourism in​ the Canaries took off.

Getting there

There really aren’t any other option of​ getting to​ the Canaries by any way other than air. Gran Canarias airport (Aeropuerto de Gando) is​ located in​ the southwest of​ the island. Taxis and bus transfers then transport tourists to​ their resort locations. it​ is​ also possible to​ travel to​ and from the other islands in​ the Canaries by ferry.

Accommodation and Where to​ Stay

The main accommodation on offer is​ self-catering apartments, hotels and villas. There are a​ number of​ popular resorts on the island that cater for very different needs. For nightlife lovers stay at​ Playa Del Ingles and for a​ peaceful holiday stay at​ Puerto de Mógan.

Sights and Attractions

Take a​ stroll through Las Palmas as​ there are many historic buildings and streets as​ well as​ a​ Cathedral. The main sightseeing features on the island is​ natural beauty of​ the area. There are magnificent sand dunes, volcanic mountains and stunning beaches.

Shopping on the Island

Gran Canaria is​ not really a​ shopping haven as​ it​ is​ mainly a​ relaxation holiday choice. Therefore, shops on the island usually sell souvenirs, beach games and general travel necessities.

Wine and Dine

Every resort is​ plastered with bars and restaurants as​ well as​ English pubs. Many of​ the restaurants are open planned and located on the seafront for extra appeal. All kinds of​ international cuisine is​ offered so choosing should not be hard.

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