Top Tips For Web Design

Top Tips For Web Design

Content is​ King. the​ most important thing to​ remember about popular web sites is​ that they are always rich in​ content.

Stick to​ your subject. Don't try to​ be all things to​ all people. Keep your goal in​ mind. Creating a​ web site is​ challenging and​ fun. the​ temptation to​ put as​ many bells and​ whistles as​ you can on a​ page is​ almost overwhelming. But unless your site is​ involved with bells and​ whistles, don't do it! the​ purpose of​ designing a​ site carefully is​ not to​ make it​ look cool, or​ win awards. It's to​ accomplish the​ intended goal of​ the​ site. It's a​ good idea to​ write down the​ goal of​ your the​ site before starting any design work. it​ will help you make design designs for​ the​ site as​ a​ whole.

First impressions count! Think about the​ message you are sending to​ your customer. the​ first page of​ your web site should be a​ concise description of​ the​ website. Don't make this page too busy - entice visitors to​ dig deeper into your site through the​ use of​ inviting text and​ interesting graphics. if​ you are serious about your business, buy your own domain name and​ don't use a​ "free" hosting service.

Design sites, not pages. Your primary concern should be the​ site's overall design. When starting to​ design a​ new site from scratch, you should try to​ create a​ design that will make sense to​ users, has a​ consistent look and​ feel, and​ is​ not to​ difficult to​ extend in​ the​ future. the​ consistency of​ design of​ a​ site is​ one of​ the​ factors that differentiates amateur sites from professional ones.

Make it​ easy to​ get around your site. Your customer should be able to​ easily navigate to​ any page in​ your web from any page in​ your page. It's important to​ link in​ a​ consistent, well thought out manner that users can learn to​ navigate. Have clear links to​ your pages and, if​ are selling a​ product, make it​ easy for​ people to​ buy it! Show your business name, address, phone number and​ E-mail address on each an​ every page. Invite customers to​ contact you with their questions or​ comments. Add links to​ other sites only when necessary, or​ on a​ special links page at​ the​ end of​ your site. You want visitors to​ go through your site before surfing off to​ another!

View your site through the​ eyes of​ a​ stranger. Once you have completed you site outline, view it​ in​ other browsers. Does it​ look like you wanted it​ to​ look?

Don't forget to​ tell the​ world about your new site. Make sure that your URL is​ on all your company business cards, letter heads, brochures, phone systems, etc. Swap links with other related web sites and​ consider banner advertising. List your site with the​ major search engines, but read their rules of​ submission first!

Keep your site current. Come up with a​ reason for​ people to​ visit and​ revisit your pages and​ recommend them to​ their friends. This could be a​ series of​ articles giving tips, a​ daily cartoon, or​ other attention catching event. the​ words most likely to​ attract visitors are: Free and​ Special. Be sure you offer something of​ value if​ you uses these words!

Survey says... Ask users about your site. Create a​ survey and​ give a​ reward for​ responding. Ask friends to​ check out the​ site, then grill them on what they thought about it. This can be valuable input on what improvements are needed. Often, users can be thrown by things a​ designer might never see as​ a​ problem. Don't ever stop looking for​ ways to​ improve your website. Subscribe to​ professional E-zines, and​ keep surfing the​ web doing market research. What are your competitors doing better? Ask for​ feedback from your friends, relatives and​ customers. They will often see things with fresh eyes.

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