Top Tanning Facts For A Safe Tan

Top Tanning Facts For A Safe Tan

The custom of​ tanning one’s skin has received a​ lot of​ publicity in​ the​ recent times. Because of​ its alleged link with cancer, tanning and​ its effects has become a​ major subject of​ debate among scientists, beauticians and​ even the​ women who would like to​ know all the​ facts about it​ before deciding on whether to​ go tanning or​ not.

Though it​ is​ commonly believed that tanning invariably leads to​ skin cancer, recent studies have shown that tanning may be a​ protective device against certain types of​ cancers. the​ risk of​ colon and​ breast cancer is​ reduced by exposure to​ tanning conditions as​ the​ sun retards the​ growth of​ cancerous cells that cause these conditions. By retarding its growth, cancer rates come down. This is​ proven by the​ fact that cancer of​ the​ breast and​ colon is​ more common in​ countries that are sun deprived.

Establishing the​ benefits of​ exposure to​ the​ sun from tanning is​ a​ scientific fact. One can also counter the​ belief that tanning should be stopped because it​ is​ one of​ the​ causes of​ skin cancer. Tanning need not be stopped altogether because of​ this risk. After all it​ is​ a​ known fact that deaths from melanoma, the​ variety of​ skin cancer that is​ the​ risk factor from tanning, is​ the​ least death risk as​ only 0.3% of​ death cases have been linked with this form of​ cancer.

Then again, in​ the​ early stages, there can also be a​ cure from surgery. Colon and​ breast cancer is​ a​ far bigger killer as​ the​ number of​ affected cases is​ around 20% to​ 65%. the​ chief benefit of​ tanning helps to​ control osteoporosis and​ thus it​ is​ an​ ideal way of​ enjoying the​ sun and​ benefiting from it.

Another fact that is​ seldom examined is​ the​ incidence of​ melanoma that is​ much lower in​ countries with sunshine. Scientific research has not been able to​ disprove this fact. it​ is​ only a​ handful of​ doctors and​ lobbyists of​ the​ anti-tanning groups who have linked the​ twin facts and​ come up with a​ theory. After all, skin cancer is​ more prevalent in​ northerly latitudes where the​ exposure to​ the​ sun for​ the​ population is​ much less than in​ the​ tropical and​ equatorial regions.

All this brouhaha about tanning has given rise to​ an​ unusual and​ unnatural fear of​ the​ sun among the​ population. This is​ a​ cleverly propelled myth by the​ multi-million-dollar pharmaceutical companies who wish to​ sell their sun screen and​ other sun protective lotions to​ women who are keen to​ look and​ feel good without risking their health to​ tanning and​ running the​ risk of​ cancer or​ related problems. the​ industry that is​ supplying tanning equipment is​ the​ only one of​ the​ kind that is​ propagating the​ safe ways of​ tanning and​ this single player in​ a​ giant propelled market is​ a​ loser right from the​ start. the​ voice of​ the​ factual users of​ tanning appliances is​ thus never heard by the​ majority.

The fact that tanning can be a​ safe way of​ looking good and​ feeling fit thus needs to​ be implemented and​ put in​ the​ right perspective. the​ skin cancer cause is​ not as​ simple as​ it​ looks and​ the​ public need to​ be informed about the​ right facts. Skin cancer is​ a​ complicated issue. the​ fact that moderate tanning can avoid all the​ ill effects of​ sunburn and​ exposure to​ UV rays, tanning activity can be enjoyed without worrying about the​ risk of​ cancer. the​ tanning salons therefore have to​ adopt a​ vigorous campaign to​ educate the​ public about the​ correct facts regarding tanning and​ its effects, both long term and​ short term.

Top Tanning Facts For A Safe Tan

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