Top Talent Drives The Global Economy

Top Talent Drives The Global Economy

Top Talent Drives the​ Global Economy
The ability to​ make good people decisions is​ today's most important source of​ competitive advantage .​
All factors of​ production are easily available and​ accessible to​ all organizations but what separates the​ best from the​ rest is​ the​ quality of​ human resource a​ company possesses .​
Top leadership talent has always been hard to​ attain and​ this has only aggravated in​ recent times due to​ globalization, growing worldwide competition, aggressive headhunting practices etc .​
With growing demand and​ limited supply top level executives are so much in​ demand that companies are paying extravagant salaries, bonuses, perks whatever it​ takes to​ attract the​ best brains from across the​ world .​
Newly developing economies such as​ India and​ China are also giving fierce competition to​ business leaders who can now earn top dollar working in​ these countries as​ well.
Companies are in​ need of​ capable leaders who can steer their firm steadily into the​ future .​
Here is​ where the​ role of​ executive search firms comes into play .​
An executive search firm is​ a​ specialist talent acquisition service provider who enables companies to​ get their dream candidate on board .​
Executive search firms have come a​ long way and​ are today considered crucial participants in​ a​ companies recruitment strategy .​
Also it’s not the​ big boys of​ executive search who are in​ the​ limelight but also small and​ efficient firms such as​ Servnet which is​ a​ specialist firm helping companies hire top talent from India .​
Normally a​ smaller firm is​ able to​ devote more time and​ resources for​ a​ search assignment resulting in​ faster and​ better results which are critical to​ business continuity and​ growth.
Author: Udit Bhandari

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