Top Magazines For Dollhouse Enthusiasts

Top Magazines For Dollhouse Enthusiasts

Dollhouses, which were once solely a​ children’s toy, have become a​ popular collectible and​ pass-time for​ many. as​ with any potential collection, there are magazines that support the​ hobby. and​ due to​ the​ worldwide enjoyment of​ this hobby, there are several magazines devoted to​ the​ crafting and​ collecting of​ miniatures. These three magazines are the​ best of​ the​ best in​ the​ field of​ dollhouses.

1) Dollhouse Miniatures is​ one of​ the​ best magazines to​ discover the​ wonderful miniatures to​ be placed in​ the​ dollhouse. This is​ not a​ magazine meant to​ sell you miniatures. it​ helps you find the​ perfect addition to​ a​ collection as​ well as​ ways to​ make your own dollhouses and​ dollhouse furnishings. it​ also contains useful articles on building dream dollhouses, preserving dollhouses, and​ displaying dollhouses with care. They also have their own website that allows for​ contact between dollhouse enthusiasts and​ also well-known dollhouse builders and​ artists. Dollhouse Miniatures is​ the​ perfect magazine for​ the​ dollhouse enthusiast who enjoys making their own creations.

2) American Miniaturist is​ the​ another top magazine available to​ miniature enthusiasts. it​ covers every aspect that a​ miniature collector could want. This ranges from how-to guides that show how to​ create your own miniatures, to​ where to​ find rare miniatures and​ everything in​ between. American Miniaturist offers a​ great website to​ its subscribers that gives access to​ message boards as​ well as​ patterns and​ guides. When you are looking for​ a​ specific miniature for​ your collection, American Miniaturist is​ the​ perfect place to​ start.

3) Miniature Collector is​ quite possibly the​ most all-encompassing miniature collectible magazine available. This magazine is​ available on five different continents, supplying dollhouse and​ miniature collectible information to​ enthusiasts all over the​ world. it​ boasts famous photographers and​ miniature experts to​ answer questions and​ give the​ best information. Miniature Collector caters to​ everyone from novice to​ expert. This magazine showcases the​ best places to​ purchase miniatures throughout the​ world. a​ special section of​ the​ magazine includes a​ listing of​ the​ best shops, auctions, exhibits, and​ collectible shows. the​ magazine also offers how-to guides to​ create your own personalized miniatures. Miniature Collector is​ the​ premier magazine for​ serious dollhouse enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for​ doll houses magazines about building dollhouses, miniatures to​ add to​ your collection, or​ great how-to guides to​ create your one of​ a​ kind miniature collectibles, one of​ these magazines will have what you need. Dollhouse Miniatures, American Miniaturist, and​ Miniature Collector are the​ magazines to​ read for​ true dollhouse enthusiasts.

Top Magazines For Dollhouse Enthusiasts

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