Top Five Money Saving Tips For Savvy Toner Inkjet Cartridge Shoppers

Top Five Money Saving Tips For Savvy Toner Inkjet Cartridge Shoppers

Top Five Money-Saving Tips For Savvy Toner & Inkjet Cartridge Shoppers
Toner is​ costly .​
There's no way around it .​
But there's a​ few techniques you can implement to​ keep some of​ that money in​ your pocket .​
The next time your printed documents start looking more grey than black,​ try our top five money-saving tips.
1 .​
Purchase Compatible Cartridges .​
Instead of​ buying genuine manufacturer toner cartridges,​ give compatible ones a​ try .​
These cartridges are made to​ the​ same specifications,​ but are developed by third-party manufacturers .​
So you still get the​ same quality,​ but at​ a​ much lower cost.
2 .​
Shop Online .​
Because online shops don't require costly storefronts or​ associated overhead,​ these companies typically discount products below that of​ your local office supply shop .​
So you can usually get a​ much better deal online.
3 .​
Buy a​ Toner Refill Kit .​
You can typically save up to​ 70 percent on​ toner and cartridges by using a​ toner refill kit .​
These kits include all the​ guidelines and tools you need to​ refill toner cartridges yourself.
Using a​ refill kit,​ consumers can typically get up to​ three refills before ever having to​ buy a​ new cartridge.
4 .​
Use a​ Mall Kiosk .​
If you don't want to​ refill your toner or​ ink on​ your own,​ you can still save money by using a​ mall kiosk .​
They may be able to​ refill your printer cartridge for you at​ a​ reasonable price.
4 .​
Buy in​ Higher Quantities .​
Some companies offer discounts on​ bulk purchases .​
So stock up and save.
If you're diligent enough to​ shop around and use some wise alternatives,​ your toner and printing expenses can be markedly reduced.

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