Top 5 Tips For Buying A Used Car

Top 5 Tips For Buying A Used Car

While you can get a​ great bargain by purchasing a​ second hand car you can also get nothing more than an​ old banger if​ you don’t take care. When it​ comes to​ purchasing a​ second hand car from a​ private dealer there are different rules than if​ you bought from an​ established dealer. One of​ the biggest differences are your consumer rights - or​ lack of​ them.

While there are many honest and trustworthy people out there selling used cars there are also some “dodgy” characters and of​ course sometimes it​ is​ hard to​ tell the difference. One of​ the best tips when buying a​ car from a​ private dealer is​ to​ pay a​ small fee to​ have a​ car data check carried out. This will check such things as​ the previous owner of​ the car, mileage data associated with the vehicle and if​ there are any problems relating to​ finance or​ insurance.

When going to​ look at​ a​ second hand car sold by a​ private buyer you should consider taking someone with you who knows about cars. if​ you don’t have someone who knows enough about cars and what to​ look for when buying second hand then it​ could save you money and heartache in​ the long run if​ you were to​ pay a​ mechanic to​ go and look over the car with you before committing yourself to​ purchasing it.

When buying privately make sure that you learn as​ much as​ you can about the make and model of​ the particular car that you are going to​ look over. Do an​ online search through used cars for the model and make sure that you have a​ very good idea of​ what that particular make and model is​ selling for.

When buying privately always make sure that you go and look over the car in​ daylight. if​ the seller is​ wary of​ letting you do this then it​ is​ very likely that they have something to​ hide. The seller should be able to​ answer all your questions willingly about the history of​ the car. if​ they tell you they don’t know or​ are unsure because they are selling the car for a​ friend or​ relative then you should stay clear and look elsewhere. They should also be able to​ provide you with all the necessary documentation relating to​ the cars history.

If you are buying from a​ dealer then be aware of​ all the added extras which they could try to​ entice you with and ask yourself if​ you really need them. Also be careful when it​ comes to​ taking any payment protection insurance associated with any car finance through them as​ this can boost the price up drastically of​ the car.

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