Top 5 Strategies To Effective Public Speaking

Top 5 Strategies To Effective Public Speaking

I was never a​ huge fan of​ public speaking. I was always very nervous and​ had this overwhelming feeling the​ audience was judging my every word. I now know how to​ overcome my fears and​ deliver a​ memorable presentation.

I have summarized for​ you the​ top 5 strategies I use to​ make sure every presentation is​ a​ showstopper.

Realize 90% of​ Nervousness Doesn't Even Show

The audience usually can’t see the​ telltale symptoms of​ nervousness. the​ butterflies, the​ shaky hands or​ the​ sweaty palms. the​ key is​ for​ you to​ not focus on them either. You need to​ focus on the​ audience. When you do this two things will happen: 1) they will like you more, and​ 2) much of​ the​ nervousness that you feel will go away.

Don’t Avoid Eye-Contact.

When we are nervous, it​ is​ a​ natural reaction to​ want to​ hide. When you are standing in​ front of​ a​ group of​ people where do you hide? You can’t. So you will tend to​ look down or​ look away from your audience. if​ we can’t see them they can’t see us, right? Wrong.

The other trick people try is​ to​ look over the​ tops of​ their heads. the​ idea here is​ that by looking a​ peoples foreheads, they will think you are looking at​ them. Wrong again.

You need to​ look directly into people’s eyes with kindness. Create a​ rapport with the​ audience through your visual contact. if​ anyone smiles when you look at​ him or​ her, smile back. This will make you, and​ the​ audience, feel more at​ ease and​ will make your presentation more genuine.

Identify three people in​ the​ audience whom you want to​ speak to: One on your left, one in​ front of​ you and​ one on your right. Deliver your speech to​ these three people. Look at​ each one for​ about 4-5 seconds and​ “switch target” to​ the​ next person. Don’t maintain eye contact for​ too long. This will create an​ uncomfortable situation. You don’t want to​ creep people out.

By using this technique, it​ will give the​ impression to​ the​ entire audience that you are making eye contact, because you are sweeping the​ room with your glances.

Don't Apologize.

Never start a​ presentation with an​ apology. By starting a​ presentation with an​ apology for​ your nervousness or​ for​ having a​ cold, you are drawing attention to​ something the​ audience may not have noticed. You are also announcing to​ the​ audience, “the presentation you are about to​ receive is​ less than you deserve, but please don’t blame me.”

Avoid Rushing Monotone Voice.

A fast paced monotone speech is​ a​ sure-fire way to​ make your audience feel unimportant. it​ will also cause them to​ lose focus and​ become bored. How many lectures did you sit through in​ school listening to​ a​ monotone professor drone on about whatever subject he was teaching? How much of​ those lectures did you actually remember?

You don’t want to​ subject your audience to​ this same torture and​ you want them to​ remember what you talked about.
You can easily avoid monotone messages. Before saying a​ word think about the​ value of​ your message. Think about the​ aspects that create passionate feelings. Think about speaking clearly with compassion. Smile. Tell yourself a​ joke. Take a​ huge confidence breath.
Use eye-contact, positively say “you,” and​ flow with the​ message. if​ you do, you’ll hear, “I felt like you were speaking specifically to​ me.” That’s one of​ the​ best compliments you can get. and​ it​ proves that you’re speaking to​ not at​ the​ audience.

Limit your talk to​ a​ few key points.

Narrow down your topic to​ either one key point for​ a​ short talk, or​ three key points for​ a​ longer talk (a talk longer than 30-minutes). Ask yourself, “If my audience only remembered one thing from my talk, what would be the​ most important thing for​ them to​ remember?” the​ more points your presentation has, the​ less focus the​ audience will have on each individual point. Once you have your key points, then create your PowerPoint slides.

If you remember these five key points, you will be sure to​ knock-em dead

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