Top 3 Ways To Buy An Lcd Tv

Top 3 Ways To Buy An Lcd Tv

Top 3 Ways To Buy An LCD TV
This may come as​ a​ surprise to​ you .​
Just like other types of​ big screen TVs, LCD flat screen TVs have some disadvantages, as​ well .​
Yes, it's true .​
For example, LCD TVs have lower contrast ratios than plasmas, because they have a​ harder time reproducing deep black and​ dark grays .​
Their screen also tend to​ be thicker than plasma screens.
However, a​ LCD flat screen TV is​ not susceptible to​ burn-in and​ usually is​ less expensive than plasma televisions .​
LCD TVs also run cooler than plasma TVs, thereby minimizing the​ need for​ noisy fan cooling .​
Many LCD sets can double as​ a​ PC monitors, as​ well .​
In terms of​ longevity, LCD flat screen TVs can last up to​ 60,000 hours, whereas plasma TVs, on average, last 30,000 to​ 40,000 hours.
Ready To Buy a​ LCD Flat Screen TV?
So, you are all set to​ buy your first LCD flat screen TV? Cool! Here are some shopping tips before you set you mind on a​ particular model .​
1 .​
Check the​ Black-When you are shopping for​ your LCD flat screen TV, bring along a​ DVD movie that has dimly lit scenes .​
Use this to​ check for​ good black reproduction .​
Don't worry, the​ sales people won't think you are odd-maybe slightly obsessive, but not weird.
2 .​
Remote Control-A good remote could be the​ difference between relaxation and​ frustration .​
Make sure that the​ remote control has backlighting so you can see you options in​ the​ dark .​
Also, make sure that the​ remote is​ comfortable .​
It is​ going to​ be in​ your hand a​ lot! 170-degree Viewing Angles-Try to​ find a​ LCD flat screen TV that has 170-degree viewing angles so that you may watch the​ image from anywhere in​ the​ room.
3 .​
HD-Ready-HDTV stands for​ high-definition television .​
So, a​ HDTV is​ a​ television with a​ built-in digital tuner that shows high-definition broadcasts in​ true high-definition resolution .​
We recommend that you buy a​ LCD flat screen TV that is​ HD-ready, so that you may view HD programming- it's the​ wave of​ the​ future.
So, look around before you buy the​ perfect LCD flat screen TV for​ your home .​
You should understand that there are some disadvantages to​ each kind of​ television format, and​ nothing can reach perfection-yet .​
Well, except for​ maybe a​ jumbo 65-inch Sharp Aquos TV .​
LCD TVs can be simply awesome if​ you know what you are doing when you shop for​ them.
There is​ more than meets the​ eye when LCD TV shopping .​
These points only scratch the​ surface (if that!) .​
Find out all the​ insider info on LCD TVs today.

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