Top 3 Unique Vacation Destinations

Top 3 Unique Vacation Destinations

Going for a​ lesser known destination can be better than following the​ heard in​ many ways. First off,​ food,​ lodging,​ and entertainment generally gets priced much higher in​ popular destinations. You will likely notice a​ cost savings by visiting a​ the​ off beat venues. Plus,​ if​ you are wary of​ large crowds,​ you will breathe a​ sigh of​ relief and maybe get to​ enjoy your vacation.

With that in​ mind,​ here are a​ few Unique Vacation Destinations...

Berkeley Springs,​ West Virginia

For a​ touch of​ nature steeped in​ history,​ Berkeley Springs in​ West Virginia just might be for you. Berkeley Springs is​ an​ historic spa and art-filled town in​ the​ stunning mountains of​ the​ Eastern West Virginian Panhandle. You will find warm mineral springs,​ world class dining,​ many unique and unusual shops,​ five full-service spas and vast choices in​ lodging from elegant B&B's and historic inns,​ rental cabins and resorts.

You will enjoy golf,​ hiking and swimming. Year round,​ there are festivals of​ art,​ music and more. the​ entire area is​ deep in​ Civil war history and its just a​ short drive to​ visit the​ battle fields in​ close by Antietam Maryland.

Wisconsin Dells,​ Wisconsin

Billed the​ "Waterpark Capital of​ the​ world",​ Wisconsin Dells is​ sure to​ delight anyone looking for a​ bit of​ sun and fun. You wont run out of​ things to​ do with shopping malls,​ spa villas and,​ of​ course,​ water rides.

You will notice the​ dome over the​ resorts outdoor Great Wave Pool and Dueling Mammoths family racing tube rides. This dome,​ when complete will be a​ unique a​ Foil Tec structure,​ the​ first of​ its kind in​ the​ United States,​ that lets through sunlight so plants can grow and guests can tan.

Moab,​ Utah

In the​ mood for some adventure? Moab,​ Utah may be the​ perfect place to​ visit. Definitely a​ place of​ extremes,​ with thousand foot canyons and snow capped peaks of​ 12,​000 foot mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy variety of​ activities and places to​ visit.

If you plan to​ visit Moab,​ you will enjoy hiking,​ biking,​ rock climbing,​ rafting,​ kayaking,​ four wheel adventures,​ and some of​ the​ most spectacular sight seeing in​ the​ country.

Nothing here sound appealing or​ feasible for you? Don’t hesitate to​ ask friends,​ research online,​ and pick up some ideas at​ your local state welcome center (you know,​ those hubs off the​ highways). You will get a​ wealth of​ ideas for some very interesting and uniquely memorable vacations.

Top 3 Unique Vacation Destinations

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