Top 3 Free Web Hosting Services

Top 3 Free Web Hosting Services

Top 3 Free Web Hosting Services
Nowadays, there are many free webhosting services available on the​ Internet .​
Sometimes it​ can be difficult to​ choose which one is​ best for​ you .​
First of​ all, you need to​ bear in​ mind free wehosting usually have some limitations such as​ not allowed email accounts, no mysql databases, no perl etc .​
It varies from each web host.
There are sometimes hidden cost as​ well for​ free webhosting .​
For example, you need to​ register a​ domain name from the​ web host before you can have free web hosting .​
Other place restriction on bandwidth, disk space and​ if​ you exceed them, expect to​ pay some money.
Another type is​ some web host will place banners, text links etc on your webpage .​
Some only occupy a​ small amount of​ screen space while others can be as​ large as​ one-third .​ is​ an​ example of​ a​ free webhosting service that places banners, text links on your webpage.
With that said, if​ you really have no money, then there is​ no choice but to​ get free webhosting .​
It is​ also useful if​ you are new to​ web design and​ can use it​ for​ testing purposes .​
I​ still have one hosted on geocities with my first designed personal webpage.
There are literally thousands of​ free webhosting services out there but I​ will recommend the​ top 3 which I​ have used before.
Champhost is​ in​ my opinion is​ the​ best free webhosting service .​
They give 1000MB diskspace, no ads on your webpage and​ allows php, cgi, perl .​
The only thing they ask for​ is​ you contribute some post to​ their forum which isn’t so hard.
#2 –
100webspace get my vote as​ the​ second best .​
They offer 100MB space, all full features as​ a​ paid web hosting, that includes, email, ftp, php, mysql etc .​
The only thing I​ did not like they have ads on your webpage but it​ isn’t too big to​ be a​ distraction.
#3 –
I like neopages because they are actually one of​ the​ few webhosting services that do not make any kind of​ money from offering free webhosting .​
They offer 150MB space, no ads as​ well as​ PHP, cgi, mysql, email, ftp etc.
The only issue is​ approval is​ on a​ case by case by members voting and​ you must have an​ existing website published already .​
It is​ pretty hard to​ get in​ since they only allow 3 each week.
As you can see, these 3 are just my favorites and​ there are a​ lot more free webhosting services available .​
Do remember to​ read the​ terms and​ conditions carefully to​ make sure you are actually getting free web hosting
Also, once you have some money do consider upgrading to​ paid hosting as​ they offer a​ lot more features and​ better support .​
You can go to​ any web hosting or​ webmaster forums where from time to​ time, webhosting companies offer big discounts for​ web hosting.

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