Top 15 Ways The Real Estate Industry Uses Virtual Assistants

Top 15 Ways The Real Estate Industry Uses Virtual Assistants

Top 15 Ways the​ Real Estate Industry Uses Virtual Assistants
Depending on your needs, a​ real estate virtual assistant can do virtually everything necessary to​ support you and​ your administrative needs and​ marketing efforts.
Virtual office assistants work best as​ an​ extension of​ you .​
In other words, if​ you are using a​ marketing method or​ target market that works well for​ you, it’s best to​ use your assistant to​ duplicate those efforts in​ those markets .​
Here are our top 15 ways you can utilize a​ real estate virtual assistant:
1. Research for​ potential sellers via online newspapers, online courthouse records, MLS listings, FSBO listings
2. Manage transactions
3. Compile information for​ Comparative Marketing Analysis’ (CMA’s) for​ potential and​ new clients.
4. Screen sellers for​ motivation
5. Upload pictures and​ listings to​ MLS or​ other online resource
6. Arrange home showings
7. Process mailings to​ buyers and​ sellers
8. Perform outbound telemarketing calls seeking clients/sellers/buyers
9. Manage your email campaigns
10. Enter leads into your CRM (contact relationship management) program .​
This may be Top Producer, ACT!, or​ another CRM program .​
11. Research to​ locate absentee owners, or​ people who've skipped out on their rent
12. Set/cancel appointments
13. Work with Excel spreadsheets to​ organize leads and​ other data
14. Work with MS Word to​ create mail merges and​ process mailings
15. Answer and​ return phone calls
Real estate virtual assistants are here to​ stay and​ growing in​ popularity .​
Over the​ next couple of​ years you can expect your conversations with regards to​ real estate virtual assistants to​ go from What is​ a​ real estate virtual assistant and​ what does a​ real estate virtual assistant do? to​ that of​ Who provides your real estate virtual assistant services?
Implementing the​ use of​ a​ real estate virtual assistant, especially through a​ virtual staffing agency is​ a​ low-cost, low-risk undertaking .​
if​ the​ real estate virtual assistant doesn’t work out, you simply request another, perhaps for​ a​ better fit .​
What’s more, coupling the​ use of​ a​ real estate virtual assistant (or several assistants) with your already up-and-coming business can catapult your income and​ success to​ the​ next level and​ beyond.
Will your business be on the​ forefront of​ this cost-saving phenomenon of​ efficiency?

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