Top 10 Things You Should Check Before Leaving For Vacation

Top 10 Things You Should Check Before Leaving For Vacation

If you are planning a​ vacation that will take you away from your home for any length of​ time you should at​ least do these top ten things.

You should always make sure you have a​ member of​ your family,​ family friend or​ neighbor that you have contacted and let them know you will not be there to​ watch your house and have their number to​ be able to​ call them in​ case of​ an​ emergency.

Give your neighbor or​ friend a​ key to​ your house so they can bring in​ the​ mail,​ watch your pets and generally just make your home not look vacant while you are away.

Purchase light timers that will go on​ at​ regular times that you are normally there not to​ send up a​ red flag to​ any potential thief that you are not home. They will turn on​ and off lights in​ your home making it​ appear you are at​ home.

Never leave a​ message on​ your phone that you are away since this will just tell a​ burglar you are not at​ home.

Put away all tools or​ lawn equipment like mowers,​ edgers and other tools that could be stolen or​ need to​ be secured inside so they will not alert someone that you have not used them in​ a​ while.

It is​ also very important not to​ leave your garage door opener inside your cars that will be left outside or​ were they can be broken into that will allow a​ thief access inside your home.

Check all windows and doors prior to​ leaving. if​ a​ window is​ cracked or​ left open it​ is​ giving one more reason and easy access to​ any burglar.

When you are leaving to​ go on​ your trip if​ you are driving or​ flying make sure you do make it​ real obvious. Make sure that you do not leave your luggage,​ bags and vacation supplies sitting on​ your driveway or​ in​ your front yard letting people know that you are leaving on​ a​ trip.

It is​ also important that you do not list your address on​ the​ outside of​ your luggage. Many homes are burglarized because the​ burglars did their research and found out that you would not be home by checking your address on​ your luggage at​ the​ airport. Once they know you have left at​ the​ airport they have free reign to​ your home.

You may want to​ get a​ house sitter. This is​ a​ person that takes care of​ all of​ your things and stays at​ your home while you are away. Your pets will be looked after,​ the​ plants will be watered,​ the​ mail checked,​ the​ lawn mowed and the​ presence of​ someone there will deter burglars.
If you follow these 10 steps you should be able to​ leave your home and enjoy your time away without worrying about your pets and belongings still being there when you get back.

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