Top 10 Proven Classified Ad Selling Tips To Guarantee A Successful Sale

Top 10 Proven Classified Ad Selling Tips To Guarantee A Successful Sale

It’s Spring Cleaning Time! the​ weather is​ getting warmer and it​ is​ time to​ dig through those closets,​ garages and storage areas and turn your unused items into cash! Traditionally,​ this is​ the​ busiest time of​ the​ year for classified advertising. Motor vehicles and recreational vehicles are especially big sellers during the​ warm weather. if​ you​ are considering selling,​ now is​ the​ time. Hundreds of​ potential buyers are out there reading the​ Sunday morning newspaper every week,​ so take advantage of​ the​ opportunity to​ sell your items. Below you​ will find some great tips to​ help you​ get the​ ball rolling.

1.PREPARE: Determine the​ items around your home that you​ no longer need. Once you​ have collected these items,​ confirm that they are in​ working order and in​ good selling condition. if​ items have been in​ storage for a​ long period of​ time,​ you​ may need to​ clean them up to​ make them more attractive to​ potential buyers.

2.RESEARCH: After all items are collected,​ do your research. Determine the​ value of​ your items and decide whether it​ would be worth you​ time and effort to​ place a​ classified ad. Some things will do well on​ their own while others may do better in​ a​ garage sale setting. if​ certain items do not have enough value to​ justify placing an​ advertisement and you​ are not interested in​ hosting a​ garage sale,​ donate these items to​ a​ local charity for a​ nice tax deduction.

3.WHERE to​ ADVERTISE: Once you​ have the​ items sorted out,​ you​ need to​ decide the​ best method of​ advertising. Most items will do best advertised in​ your daily newspaper since you​ will be able to​ reach a​ local audience. Online classifieds generally do not receive as​ many local buyers,​ but most are free so you​ may want to​ place an​ ad there as​ well just to​ cover all the​ bases. if​ you​ are selling a​ larger item such as​ a​ car,​ motorcycle,​ motor home,​ etc.,​ you​ will also want to​ place prominent for sale signs on​ the​ items themselves. you​ can also utilize bulletin boards in​ your local community to​ post a​ free advertisement.

4.DRAFTING YOUR AD: What are the​ most attractive selling features of​ your items for sale? Decide which of​ these features you​ want to​ highlight in​ your advertisement. Look for classified ads for similar items to​ get an​ idea of​ how they are written. Check out the​ competition to​ see how your item is​ better or​ different than the​ items that will be running along side your ad.

5.WRITING YOUR AD: Create a​ catchy title to​ get your reader’s attention. This will spark an​ interest in​ your classified ad. Always include the​ brand name when applicable. Price should only be included in​ the​ title if​ it​ is​ an​ obvious selling point. Next,​ you​ need to​ write the​ body text of​ your ad and entice buyers even further with the​ details. Make your description clear and factual. Provide specific details in​ what it​ is​ that makes your item stand out from the​ others. Be honest in​ your representation and do not make your item appear better than it​ actually is. Always include the​ price in​ your ad. Take some time to​ view other classified ads for similar items in​ your newspaper. This will help you​ determine a​ fair asking price for your item. Keep in​ mind,​ just because you​ paid $1,​500 for your dining room set,​ does not mean you​ will receive that much for it​ on​ resale. Be realistic in​ your expectations. Furthermore,​ if​ you​ will only be available during certain times of​ the​ day to​ discuss your item,​ make a​ note of​ this in​ your advertisement so buyers know the​ best time to​ reach you. if​ possible,​ include your email address.

6.INCLUDING PHOTOS: a​ picture is​ worth a​ thousand words. Some local newspapers provide you​ with the​ option to​ include photos with your classified ad. Be sure to​ include the​ photos! When buyers have the​ opportunity to​ see an​ article for sale they have a​ higher degree of​ interest and are more likely to​ buy when they follow up by telephone or​ email to​ ask questions or​ to​ get more information. if​ your newspaper does not offer photos or​ the​ photo option is​ too expensive,​ you​ can use an​ online classified photo hosting service.

7.COMMUNICATING WITH BUYERS: Do your best to​ be available when customers call for information regarding your item. Be polite and helpful and answer all questions to​ the​ best of​ your knowledge.

8.SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS: if​ you​ receive numerous calls for your item,​ be sure to​ space out the​ appointments so that you​ will have enough time to​ spend with each buyer and your appointments will not overlap. Safety tip: Whenever possible,​ have someone home with you​ when a​ buyer is​ coming over to​ look at​ your item. you​ really can never be too careful when dealing with people you​ have never met before.

9.NEGOTIATION: Decide before you​ negotiate,​ the​ lowest amount you​ will be willing to​ accept for your item. This will assure a​ smoother negotiation process.

10.PAYMENT: Never accept a​ check for your item. you​ should only accept cash or​ money orders. if​ a​ buyer decides they want the​ item,​ but they do not have cash on​ them,​ always take a​ deposit to​ hold the​ item until they are able to​ come back. Be sure to​ set a​ deadline for them to​ return with the​ balance due. Even though you​ have a​ deposit,​ do not stop showing your item since the​ deal is​ not final until you​ have the​ cash in​ your hand. if​ someone else is​ also interested,​ tell them you​ just received an​ offer,​ but you​ will be happy to​ take down their name and number in​ case the​ deal falls through. This will give you​ more options should the​ original buyer back out of​ the​ sale.

That’s it! Keep these selling tips in​ mind and you​ will be on​ the​ road to​ a​ successful sale. Take your time,​ be thorough and most of​ all have fun! if​ you​ follow the​ steps outlined above,​ you​ will be turning your unused items into cash in​ no time.

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